Nickels & Dimes

penny, nickels and dimesI received an unexpected check this morning for $50. My father-in-law is a member of the Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship Chapter here in Fayetteville. When he attended their meeting this morning, the older lady that’s been playing the piano for several years approached him and said, “I have a jar that I put my nickels and dimes in throughout the year. When it’s full, I give it away to somebody in need.” This time she chose to bless Rehoboth Ministries.

I know Sister Betty. I also know that she and her husband are not overflowing with cash. They live very simply and truly watch their nickels and dimes. Yet, when they see a need, they open their hearts wide to help others.

A few days ago, I took a friend and fellow supporter to lunch as a means of saying a humble thank you for her faithful support over the years. “The Lord told me that if I take care of His business that he’ll take care of me,” she told me. “He has proven to be more than faithful. My husband and I have received unexpected bonuses and surprise gifts from other people. We have never lacked,” she said. What really touched me is what she said next. “The Lord has really helped me and I’m now able to support three missionaries.” Instead of hoarding her extra money, she saw it as an opportunity to help yet another person in need. My friend has a passion for missions and hopes to come to Haiti one day.

I decided to use John’s car while I’m stateside. He had left it at my sister’s home. It needed to be inspected, registered and have new tags purchased. My sister and her husband took care of it for me since I was not living in the same town. When I offered to reimburse them, my sister said, “Just consider it a little gift from us.”

A few days ago, I had lunch with a dear friend. She’s a widow now and works very hard to make ends meet. I always try to spend time with her when we’re back in town. To my surprise, she sat down and wrote a check to Rehoboth. When I protested, she said, “I felt very strongly that the Lord wanted me to give this to you and I had a little extra this month.”

All the friends mentioned above share a common thread. They are all watching their nickels and dimes. Yet, their love for the Lord and for his work compels them to give. Somehow, he always makes up for their lack. We are so grateful for our supporters who keep the ministry in Haiti afloat. With five churches, three schools, a Bible institute, a feeding program for over a thousand children, every nickel and dime counts.

If you are not a regular supporter of Rehoboth Ministries, but you enjoy reading our website, would you consider taking an extra step of faith and becoming co-laborers with us so that we can continue to make a difference in Haiti? No gift is too small.

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