His Mysterious Ways


Edrice and Marie-Solange Lefort

We’ve seen some incredible things during our thirty-one years on the mission field. Now, we can add another item to the list. Edrice Lefort is a student in our Bible institute. His wife went to the hospital in town recently to deliver twins. When she went into labor, there were complications. She delivered two twin baby boys, but one was said to have cerebral damage. The doctors said they couldn’t do anything for little Ederson.

Ederly and Ederson Lefort (Ederson looks very content!)

Because of continued negligence from the hospital staff, Pastor Lefort urged his brother to bring the babies home and pray for a miracle. (Often a child will no longer receive the care he needs if his case appears hopeless.) We believe Ederson, at some point, received a divine touch, for there is now no indication of any cerebral damage. His vital signs are all normal and he’s nursing with no problems.

Maybe you’re trusting God for a miracle today. Let this encourage you. Reach out and believe, for there’s plenty of grace to go around.



2 thoughts on “His Mysterious Ways

  1. What a wonderful testimony. Pritchard, you and Dana ( and now John) have done such a great job teaching those people for them to make those choices under pressure. Richard and I are in final prep for our trip to Kenya, hoping to see significant progress there in terms of moving our project along. Please pray for us, we really need to get the title for the land we bought over a year ago. Richard really looking forward to teaching there also. And both of us are excited about getting away from winter and our journey together. Planning 7 nights at Sarova game camp for our holiday at the end of our trip. And then when we get home, it should almost be spring and planting time. We love you, think of you and pray for you often. Maybe we can arrange to get together this year, maybe in Haiti. Things are in such state of change here with the transition that we will have to wait and see but our desire is to be with you again. Much love to you.

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    • Hi Beth, just saw your comment. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Don’t you just love to see God come through like that? We’ll be praying for your trip to Africa. We know you’ll be a great blessing to those that are there. We would love to see you again. Much love, Dana

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