Update 2/15

Travel Plans

We are finally winding down after spending over a month here in the States. It wasn’t our plan to stay this long, but responsibilities for the ministry and John’s surgery stretched the date out a little longer. There are still things to attend to and I’ll be staying behind while Prit and John take off Sunday afternoon for Miami, then will fly into Haiti Monday morning. This is the first time in 31 years that I will not be returning with Prit to Haiti and it feels so strange. Five weeks seems like an eternity until he returns on March 24th. We will return to Haiti together in mid-April. Please pray for us.


We were deeply saddened to learn that our friend, Tony Casséus, passed away last week at 38 years of age. Tony’s parents, Pastor Jules Casséus and his wife, Laurie, are longtime friends of ours in Haiti. They pastor a church and oversee a university in the small town of Limbé which is around 30 miles south of Cap-Haitian. We can’t begin to imagine the incredible sadness that they are experiencing over their loss. The funeral is tomorrow. Would you please pray for this precious family? They have a daughter, Laura Rose, who resides in the States.


Many, many thanks for your prayers for John. He has recovered at a rapid rate and is anxious to get back to Haiti and resume his teaching in the Bible school. He and Prit both have several classes to make up. Bible school has been back in full swing since 20 January.

Feeding Program

We are amazed at how many people’s hearts have been touched for our children’s feeding program. We have received special offerings that folks have sent in memory of their friends who have passed on. One of our supporting churches, Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington, has decided to increase their regular monthly giving to include an extra offering so we can continue to feed hungry children. Another supporting church, Northwood Temple in Fayetteville, North Carolina, also gave a generous gift of $2,600 for this work. Then there are those who pledged to help us from the beginning of this endeavor who sow faithfully every month. We tip our hats to all of you and humbly thank you for being a lifeline to the helpless.

Construction Program

We have also been tremendously blessed by another longtime supporter of this ministry. He and his wife (who wish to remain anonymous), have invested $21,000 in the construction of our main church-school facility! We are overjoyed to watch how God works through his people. May the Lord bless these visionaries who share our burden to see this building go up.


If you would like to help, there are many other projects that need to be completed as well. Our two mission houses are in great disrepair and have only been partly renovated. Maybe you have some construction workers who would like to come down and lay blocks or tile? Or perhaps you would like to give a special offering to help us go from preparing meals two days a week to feeding school children for three days instead? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We have struggling Bible school students that would be ever so grateful for a hand up in paying their tuition. There are many opportunities available to those who would like to be a blessing in someone else’s life.

2 thoughts on “Update 2/15

  1. Love to get your emails Dana. Curious what keeps you back in states this time. I know how much it means to you to be with Prit. Are you okay? Or are you on the beach picking sea glass????

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  2. Glad you enjoy the updates, Beth! Prit will return on 24 March and we will head up to West Virginia for the birth of our first grandson. It seemed more prudent to save on the airfare since he’s returning in 5 wks. Also, there are responsibilities with the ministry that need to be attended to. Give our love to all!

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