That Makes Three

vito-threeSunday, (August 25), marked the three-year anniversary since Prit’s release from the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, Canada, after suffering from back-to-back brain aneurysms. My mind traced back over the events of that crisis as I sat in the pew at Moncure Baptist Church Sunday morning and listened to my husband preach. The head nurse practitioner of the Acute Care Neurological Ward had warned me, “You need to think about gathering your family together to make a decision,” the decision being to remove him from life support.

I recalled the conversation between Prit and the speech therapist who interviewed him after he regained consciousness. Testing his cognitive skills, she gave him several hypothetical tests. “What would you do if your house caught on fire? Would you a) call the fire department, b) call your neighbors to bring buckets of water, or c) try to put it out yourself?” Her brow furrowed as Prit immediately responded with answer b. “Why would you do that?” she asked, slightly befuddled. I chuckled to myself as he explained that our house would burn down before the Cap-Haitian fire department ever made it there in time. “I’d call the neighbors to come quickly with buckets of water to put the fire out.” It was at that point that I knew he was back! As Prit quickly flipped from one picture on the slideshow to the other, summarizing thirty years of service in Haiti, I marveled at his ability to think fluidly once again.

It was great to see the folks at Moncure and to spend time with Pastor Matt and Becky as well as friends from the past, Mark and Norma Lloyd, that showed up to surprise us.

Thanks again, Moncure Baptist Church, for your partnership with Rehoboth Ministries!

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