Gearing Up

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Gearing Up for Haiti

A week from today, Prit, John, and myself will be flying into Cap-Haitian. The tickets are bought and hotel reservations have been made. It’s going to be a busy fall. John has been busy studying the book of Hebrews and gearing up for teaching in our Bible institute. Fortunately, he has been able to raise all the needed support for his return to Haiti!

We have a team from Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington, slated to come the month of October. We’ll be in the States for our annual MFI East Coast Conference in Reston, VA, (Oct. 14-17), then will get back just in time to receive the team. At this moment, tile is being laid in the guest room of the smaller mission house as we get it ready for them to have a place for them to stay. The renovation work continues!

Family Time

We had a short vacation with our kids. Deborah returned to West Virginia on Tuesday and Gabe took off for Portland on Wednesday. Goodbyes haven’t gotten any easier after 30 years on the mission field. 😦

The Father’s Heart Church

We had a great time ministering at The Father’s Heart Church in Hampstead, North Carolina, last Sunday. Pastor Scot and Kelly Painter are longtime friends. Prit relayed several experiences from our last 30 years in Haiti. We are so grateful for our partnership with this great church! We went out for lunch afterwards and Gabe said, “We’re only 1 mile from the beach. I can’t go back to Portland and miss this opportunity!” So, after eating lunch at Surf City, we spent a short time at the beach before heading back to Fayetteville.

Prayer Requests

  • … for us as we buy last minute items, send boxes ahead of us, pack, and sew up loose ends here in Fayetteville
  • … for our family members who have, once again, returned to their respective places of work
  • … for a safe, trouble-free trip back to Haiti
  • … for us to finish getting the mission house ready for John and for upcoming teams

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