Taking Flight

ImageBy the time you read this post, we will have already taken flight (on Thursday) for Ft. Lauderdale. Early Friday morning, we will land in Cap-Haitian. Today, we are making last minute runs of buying food and other needed items that will fit into a suitcase, packing boxes to be shipped, and checking lists off as we go. As busy as we are now, it will get even busier in just a couple of days!

I received this note on my Facebook page yesterday and wanted to share it with you. Genuine compliments bring life and encouragement to the soul. All of us need those moments and this was one for me. A friend wrote:

Dana – it was great seeing you and Prit yesterday at Matt and Becky’s. I just finished reading “Into The Storm”. It is a wonderful and terrific read, and very inspiring. I have NO DOUBT that this book will be the template for numerous Christians facing a similar situation. Take care and have a safe trip back this week.

I am asking the Lord to cause my book to take flight as well – that the message may run and find all those who need a message of hope and faith in God’s healing virtue. Do you know someone today who needs such a message? I have several books here in Fayetteville available that can be shipped. If you need one (or more), don’t hesitate to write me. If you prefer to order online, it’s also available at amazon.com, xulonpress.com, or barnesandnoble.com.

My book has also been translated into French by a dear sister I’ve never met. God truly works in mysterious ways. Would you pray with me that the provision would come to get Dans la Tempête published in French as well as to locate others in French-speaking countries to oversee its sale and distribution? This is foreign territory to me, but I know God can make an inroad for this story that gives Him all the glory.

We want to thank our many supporters for being our “Aaron and Hur” when our arms were too heavy to lift. We greatly value and count on your prayers for us as we return to the field. There are so many pressing projects awaiting us and mountains only God can move. Will you join us in prayer concerning the needed funds for the following projects?

  • feeding program
  • construction of our new church building in Petite-Anse
  • renovation of buildings on our compound that are in great disrepair
  • a new vehicle

If you feel led to help us give flight to one of these projects, please contact us!

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