Happy Thanksgiving!

This is an exciting time of the year! Folks are gearing up for Thanksgiving dinners with all the trimmings all over the country this week. Some families are traveling for miles around just so they can join each other at the table to celebrate. As Americans, we have many reasons to give thanks. The United States has been blessed beyond measure and we are the recipients of a wonderful heritage.

Being missionaries to Haiti causes us to see the things for which others give thanks from a different perspective. In a less fortunate land, things that we might commonly overlook are highly prized. This is revealed in the things that are said such as, ”We thank you Lord that we are not in the hospital” or ”We thank you Lord that our children are not sick.” Marie, the lady who washes our clothes, often declares how grateful she is that she’s been able to see the sun rise another day. This giving of thanks for the ordinary, yet important things in life reveals a simple yet profound faith. In a land where many post-earthquake survivors are still calling a tent their home and in which cholera is still claiming many victims, our perspective on life takes on a much clearer focus. Where clean water is considered a luxury and the ability to pay for one’s children’s tuition is a great feat, we are even more thankful for the blessings and comforts we have enjoyed.

Allow us to take this opportunity to say that we are so thankful for you, our supporters. You are the wind in our sails and what keeps this ministry afloat. Your sacrificial giving enables us to make an eternal difference in the lives of God’s people here abroad. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love, Prit & Dana

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