Launching Out

Yesterday, we had a wonderful meeting with the pastors that oversee our three church plants. The meeting was concerning the feeding program that we plan to launch soon. Prit and I were so impressed with their “take-charge” administrative skills. We discussed cooking crews and their salaries, plus start-up fees which include cooking pots, gas burners, plastic plates, forks, spoons and whatnot. We also listened to their counsel concerning the most nutritious food we can provide for the most economical price according to the amount we have to work with. There’s a lot involved in feeding over 1,200 children for the process to run smoothly!

We ask for your prayers for all who will be involved in making this happen, from the person who goes to purchase the supplies to the teacher who will lovingly place that food in a little child’s hands.

Instead of feeding the kids three days a week, we’ve reduced it to two (Monday and Wednesday). According to the funds that have come in, we see it necessary to scale back, although we hope to be able to do it on a grander scale next year. The menu will include bulgar with bean sauce on one day and a bouillon (soup) that will include “dumboys” (rolls of biscuitlike dough dropped into the soup to make it more filling, thereby making the food go further) and vegetables on the other day.

With the difficulties we have had lately getting checks cashed, we feel it would be wiser to start the program with the entrance of the new year. This would give us more time to procure the funds in time to make purchases. As of the beginning of January, we will be trusting the Lord to help keep the “cash flow” going in order to buy the food, etc. each week.

That being said, if you want to be part of greatly impacting people’s lives, there’s still time to contribute. While everyone is rushing to “Black Friday” sales, won’t you consider making a difference in the life of someone that is less fortunate than you? Your money will not only help feed children, but also provide the cooks with a much-needed salary. Would you consider making a Christmas contribution to this cause?

God bless!

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