The Good and the Bad

Permis de Séjour

10978634_10155342902505045_923562228999720689_nThe elusive, infamous and long-awaited Permis de Séjour has finally arrived! It is now in the hands of Maitre Hérold, our lawyer who is working diligently to obtain a title deed for the land at our compound in Petite-Anse. Our long-awaited dream of having a multipurpose building for our school, church, and other activities is drawing closer. CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) has agreed to construct a building for us once the title   deed is in our hands.

Feeding Program

Four cooks will soon be on their way to Arcahaie (in the south of Haiti) to be trained for our feeding program which will be starting back up soon. The ministry located in Arcahaie is presently feeding 9,000 children a day. Our cooks will get some very valuable experience which will include cooking on a large scale and learning to implement extra items (such as pre-packaged food) into the staple diet of rice and beans. The plans are still being worked on to send a year’s supply of food by a military plane to Port-au-Prince. Once it arrives to the nation’s capital, it will be transported by truck to Cap-Haitien.

Mardi Gras Tragedy

We have just come through Mardi Gras season. There was a very unfortunate accident that occurred in Port-au-Prince during the festivities. Sixteen people died and over sixty were severely injured due to a faulty power line. Celebrations were called off and the nation mourned as these victims were given a state funeral and laid to rest.

Madame Toussaint

Toussaint (our security guard) has been in Port-au-Prince for the last couple of weeks. His wife was in the hospital with an infected foot. Two toes were removed and we thought the infection was contained. Unfortunately, her right foot had to be amputated and after all this time, she is still in the hospital with complications. Forced to deal with the harsh reality of living in Haiti with a disability is a heavy burden to bear. Already having been living apart due to Toussaint’s finding a job in Cap-Haitian, this only amplifies their situation. Please remember this family in your prayers during this very difficult time.

Making Room

IMG_2106The work on our den is going very slowly.  We are still in need of windows, a door, and a good paint job. With several days of steady rain, the draft coming through the house has made life very uncomfortable for us. I know it’s probably difficult to imagine us being cold in Haiti, but the rainy season can certainly cool things down! If you’d like to contribute to help ward off our chilliness, please send a gift earmarked DEN. We’ll send you a warm “thank you!”

We’re delighted to be able to share about the good things that are happening here in Haiti. Many of you have helped us bring these things to pass through your prayers.  We would also ask you to please pray for those who are weighed down with heavy hearts. As we all know, joy and sadness can often run on parallel tracks.


imagesPlease note the changes on our website concerning our stateside P.O. Box address. Some of our mail is still going to Prit’s parents’ home (333 Hilliard Drive), but we no longer live there. Since Prit is Pritchard Adams, III, occasionally a letter still ends up at the old address in spite of the changes that have been made.

If you need to write or send a check to Rehoboth Ministries, please include all the information below. Also, you can always find our address on the homepage of our website. Thanks!

Rehoboth Ministries, Inc.
c/o Pritchard & Dana Adams
P.O. Box 8222
Fayetteville, NC 28311

Change of Address

6a00e5539b1c4988340111685a66ef970c-300wiFor our generous supporters, please be advised of the following changes concerning where to send your support checks. Some of you are still asking about the change of address and we want to avoid all confusion.

Our home address is no longer 333 Hilliard Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Please send all mail to:

Rehoboth Ministries, Inc.
c/o Pritchard & Dana Adams
P.O. Box 8222
Fayetteville, NC 28311

In case, you forget, the address is right here on the website page ( anytime you need it.

Also, if we are not communicating with you by e-mail, we would love to have your e-mail address. Since we are planning to return to Haiti in a few weeks, it is much easier to stay in touch with you through e-mail rather than through the postal system. Please send all correspondence to: danaptl -at- or pgiba3 -at-

You are important to us and we want to stay in touch with you!

Our son, John, uses the same PO Box address. If you wish to contact him or just want to send him an encouraging note, just address the envelope to:

John Adams
P.O. Box 8222
Fayetteville, NC 28311

Funeral Information for Lucy Adams

Dear Friends and Relatives,

Many of you have expressed a desire to be a part of Lucy’s Homegoing Service. Below you will find the details. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Thursday, July 10

(Viewing) 6:00p.m.-8:00 p.m. Jernigan-Warren Funeral Home 545 Ramsey St., Fayetteville, N.C. 28301

Friday, July 11

(Funeral) 12:00 noon Northwood Temple Church, 4250 Ramsey St., Fayetteville, N.C. 28311

(Burial) 2:00 p.m. Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery, 400 Murchison Rd., Spring Lake, NC 28390

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Prit or me.

Prit (910) 703-3098 or

Dana (910) 916-7229 or

When It Rains, It Pours

Many thanks to our son, John, Pastor Lefort, and other helpers for taking care of a big job for us while we’re away from Haiti. Due to a very heavy rainstorm and a clogged up canal which runs alongside the wall separating our house from the property next door, our house flooded with water. It took three hours for John and the other workers to mop the inside of our house so it could dry out. Fortunately, only a few books in the library got wet. Thanks to a drainage gate that our neighbors closed off, the canal became so clogged the rainwater would not drain away. We say a big THANK YOU to all our helpers.

Thanks to Robert and Gail Faircloth of Fayetteville, NC, we have several new Haitian Bibles to distribute. Our security guard, Toussaint, is the first recipient and is elated to have a copy of God’s Word. Since Haitians rarely receive a brand new gift, this is considered a priceless treasure.


Would you like for us to come to your church, group, fellowship, or meeting and share about World Missions and the great things God has done in Haiti? Contact us and we will get back with you!

Funeral Arrangements

Many of our dear friends have requested information concerning Pritchard, Jr.’s (Prit’s dad) funeral arrangements. For those of you that would like to attend our victory celebration, here are the details.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the family.

Friday, March 21

6:00-8:00 p.m. Viewing
Jernigan-Warren Funeral Home
545 Ramsey St.
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Telephone: (910) 483-1331

Saturday, March 22

11:00 a.m. Funeral
Northwood Temple Church
4250 Ramsey St.
Fayetteville, NC 28311
Telephone: (910) 488-7474

Monday, March 24

10:00 a.m. Burial
Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery
400 Murchison Road
Cumberland Country
Spring Lake, NC 28390

If you have any further questions, we can be located at these numbers:

Home: (910) 630-3730
Prit: (910) 703-3098
Dana: (910) 494-3837

Gift of Bibles

Haitian Bibles

We received a gift of 10 brand new Haitian Bibles to take back to Haiti with us. Many, many thanks to Robert Faircloth, a friend from Fayetteville, NC, who purchased the Bibles. He was even included money to pay for the shipping.

Rehoboth Headquarters

IMG_0716These are pictures of where the action takes place. Prit’s mom and dad graciously lend us their dining room table to do all sorts of work for the ministry. This last week has been spent there filling out tax receipts. On occasion, the family even eats here!


John received a good report from the doctor and the days are winding down here in the States. We are happy to announce that John has planned to return in the Fall and work with us in Haiti for another year!



We want to thank all of you who responded to my last update concerning Prit’s mom. Lucy has been moved from the hospital where she has been since Thanksgiving. She is now in a rehab center not far from their home.

We continue to ask your prayers for her. Please pray the Lord will: 1) help her regain her strength, 2) develop an appetite, and 3) return home soon. We are quickly moving towards Christmas and we’re sure there is nowhere she would be rather be for the holidays except in her own home.

Kitchen Renovation Project

I have wonderful news! Due to the kindness of many friends, we have managed to raise $1,200 towards our $1,500 goal for the renovation of our kitchen. Many, many thanks to those of you that generously gave to help move us closer to our dream. If you would like to help us reach the finish line, we would be more than happy to receive your help.

Support a Missionary!

World_Missions_by_CharisAlexandraI was talking with a dear friend this week and she related an interesting story to me. It is definitely food for thought.

My friend shared that her pastor was praying about an electric bill that his church didn’t have the funds to pay. As he was reminding the Lord of their need, he heard the Lord emphatically tell him, “Support a missionary.” “Lord,” the pastor replied, we can’t even pay our electric bill. How are we going to support a missionary?” The Lord simply spoke to him again, saying, “Support a missionary.”

The pastor didn’t know any missionaries at the time and had to search for someone he felt was worthy of support. As the church began to help fund their missionary on the foreign field, sure enough, money for the electric bill was supplied as well. But that’s not the end of the story. Today, this church supports more missionaries than any other church within their entire organization. They began to see the importance of being a part of something greater than themselves.

World missions are at the very center and focus of our Lord’s attention. His eyes are on the nations and he is intimately involved with the incoming harvest. (Matthew 9:38) I want to encourage you to get aligned with God’s supreme purpose, the Great Commission. Lift up your heart to the Lord and ask him how you can get in the flow of what he is doing in the earth. Maybe you’ll hear a still, small voice saying to you as well, “Support a missionary.”