A Year Ago Today

The message below came up in my Facebook feed today of exactly one year ago. It encouraged me SO much since I was reminded of the exhaustion I felt post-surgery and the drains (that were pulling the excess fluid from my body), which had not yet been removed. I remember the pain. I remember the exhaustion. I remember wondering if I would ever feel normal again and fighting tremendous discouragement. To every recovering cancer patient… It does get better! Just hang in there! This is an updated picture from today. (I never like selfies, but had to celebrate the journey. 🙂

I’m learning to delight in the smallest of victories. Cleaning our bathroom counter & the mirror were two of them this morning. (Talk about messy! But, then life is messy!) It’s amazing what can give you so much satisfaction when you didn’t have the energy to do it before! No more emptying of drains & recording their measurements morning & night. Who could have thought that wiping down a counter, cleaning sinks, & having a spotless mirror could bring such exhilaration?

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