Haiti In Crisis

This blog post has been a long time coming. Having gone through  a bout with cancer which resulted in surgery and multiple treatments, I, (Dana) had to make an important choice. Still having many administrative responsibilities for Rehoboth Ministries, I chose to let this item go until I could regain my strength. Thanks to everyone for your many prayers!

Where to begin? Haiti has been in crisis-mode for some time now with the escalation and domination of gangs who are mainly concentrated in the southern part of the country near Port-au-Prince, the capital. These gangs are so powerful that they control the prices of goods from gas to food. They have blocked entire neighborhoods keeping their citizens from traveling the main arteries. The need to go to work, buy food, seek medical help, and the regular activities daily life requires has become their cross to bear. 

In the north where our ministry is located, things were relatively quiet for a season. We have dealt with the difficulty of getting certain items from the Port-au-Prince area (such as batteries for our generator), but now, the north is greatly troubled as well. The ever-increasing exchange rate (presently 23.4) transates to $1 US being equal to $23.40 Haitian dollars. Due to heavy rioting against this absurdity, our elementary schools and Bible institute have been closed down for over five weeks. Students are not able to eat the one meal that sustained them for the day because classes are not operating and it is too dangerous for them to come to  school.

We ask for your prayers and for considering to partner with Rehoboth Ministries. The contact information is below if you have questions. In addition, here are some links to articles concerning the state of things in this country we have labored in for almost forty years. If you will give to alleviate the suffering, we guarantee that 100% of your gift will go to help those in need and it is tax-deductible. 



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