We Must Pray!

Wilson Joseph: Leader of the 400 Mawozo Gang

I have just spent the last hour facetiming with John as he walked me through the steps of getting back into the Rehoboth website. I have made many futile attempts to get back into the site in order to update you on what is going on in Haiti. He has been very patient with me. What comes naturally for this generation often leaves me reduced to a puddle of tears and a strong desire to pull my hair out! However, since it just took several months for my hair to grow back in, I have resisted the urge!

Most of you know that 2 of the 17 hostages that were abducted by the 400 Mawozo Gang have been released. We are all curious to hear their stories, but they have probably been told to keep quiet so as not to put the rest of the group in jeopardy. I understand their terror, yet Prit’s captivity only lasted for 3 days. Please continue to pray for their release. We have no idea what kind of treatment they have received, especially with women and children involved.

Now, here’s the hard part. Pray for the gang members. Prayer is the only weapon which can, not only set the captives free, but change the hearts of those who captured them. I am praying specifically for Wilson Joseph. I was surprised when I saw his picture. He’s younger than John and has already committed himself to a life of crime and abuse. Unless he changes his course, I feel he will not be long for this world. He will step into eternity and meet his Maker.

After the gang members snatched Prit out of our vehicle, I was left alone with the gang leader. As we drove away, I grasped at any piece of information that might reveal there was still a human being with feelings under that tough exterior. I asked if he had any children. He told me that he had a daughter. I asked what her name was and he told me. I was so frightened that I have long forgotten it.Then, I asked him how he thought his daughter would feel if she knew her father was a kidnapper. Even in the dark, I could sense that question had found its mark. Although he didn’t answer, it was evident that I had hit a nerve.

It’s ironic that this picture shows Joseph posing with a huge crucifix around his neck, yet he’s dressed as Lanmò San Jou or Death Without Days. He and his gang have abducted Catholic priests, nuns, pastors, and missionaries – the very ones who have come to help his country. Maybe they will be the very ones to demonstrate the love and power of God before Joseph’s final call comes.

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1 thought on “We Must Pray!

  1. Thanks, Dana, for the update. The news about the two people released was news to me – and I have searched several times lately for updated info about what had happened to them. I do continue to pray for them; especially that they would present such a witness of Jesus to their kidnappers that the hearts of the gang members would be transformed! So, please continue to provide updates as you get them. And know that we think of you, your family, your school, the church and it’s leaders, the remaining kidnap victims, the police and law enforcement, and the earthquake victims. We pray for provision, peace to surround you, and God’s victory over evil. Thanks again; blessings to you. Aloha! Jim and ML


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