Hope Maketh Not Ashamed

A few days ago, I wrote to one of our ”home-grown” disciples who is today a leader. My heart was so vexed for Haiti and the turmoil taking place there. I expressed to him my deep sorrow over a nation which seems to be imploding and grieved over the faithful ones with which we have worked for so many years, all the while wondering how they were surviving in the midst of it all. I ached for our schoolchildren and wondered when our schools would reopen so they could, at least, get one hot meal a day. I wondered how anyone could find any good in a place where dreams die all too quickly. As I poured out my grief and frustration to him concerning the days ahead, I received this reply.

Hi ManPast. Hope you have a great day! I can understand all that you feel inside of your heart for this country, because I do, as a Haitian, have the same feeling too. But, we trust God can turn Haiti around. So, our job is to keep praying for the country all the time. We prayed for your family at the committee meeting last Thursday. We are working as leaders all the time to keep the church members to have their eyes on God. Because only God has the final word for the country.

He did not realize it, but he was giving me a sweet rebuke. He is the type of person would never hurt a fly, much less correct me. Where was my faith? There is hardly a day that goes by that our lead pastor fails to write me to ask how I am doing and to let me know that our people are praying earnestly for me. Hardly a service goes by without them naming my name before the Lord.

This gives me hope for Haiti because there are disciples there who have spent hours on their knees in intercession for us. These are seasoned warriors who were on their faces during our kidnapping and would not relent in their prayers for my husband when he was given up to die. Our ”home-growndisciples have weathered many a storm and are preparing for another one. These are the ones who will change the course of Haiti, for they have the steadfast hope that the Lord will not forget them…..”and hope maketh not ashamed.” Reference: Romans 5:5-11

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