He Became My Hymn …

President Jovenel Moïse was laid to rest on July 7, 2021. He death has greatly shocked the nation of Haiti and all those who labored therein. Because of this, it has been difficult to write this post. Jovenel was buried in Cap Haitian not far from where he grew up. Cap Haitian is the old colonial capital and also the home of Rehoboth Ministries where we have been laboring for the last 33 years in missions. This President was unlike any other. He was a simple banana farmer and astute businessman. His organic bananas became highly sought after, however. Huge boatloads of home-grown bananas were shipped to Germany regularly which made him highly successful and an example for others who tilled the earth. But, with all his success, Jovenel was deeply troubled for his country and President Michel Martelly tagged him to become a candidate in the Presidential race for Haiti. Moïse was by all means an underdog in this race and dubbed, ”Neg Banann” meaning ”The Banana Man.” Yet, even as many didn’t take him seriously, he was amazingly elected in 2017. Haiti mourns today over the loss of a simple, but great man who could not be bought and refused to give funds from other nations which were delegated to specific purposes to greedy politicians who cared nothing for their people. This is one reason that Haiti has been on a slippery slope for decades. In spite of generous handouts from other countries, the money has ended up in the wrong hands. JOVENEL SIMPLY GOT IN THEIR WAY.

First Lady, Martine Moïse, gave a riveting speech at her husband’s funeral. She almost lost her life as well, perhaps left for dead. She was next to her husband when he was tortured and killed, a victim, herself, of many gunshot wounds. Martine was flown to Miami for further treatment along with her children. But, nothing could keep her from returning to Haiti to speak at her husband’s funeral. This has to be one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard. I hope you will listen to it, for I am including the link for it and the translation is included. She boldly called out Jovenel’s enemies and lifted a lamp for the Haitian people to see that ”a battle was lost, but the war was not over.” Speaking of her husband with great affection, she said,

”He became my dear and my blood flowed in his veins. He became my hymn and I became his orchestra.” 

After the funeral, the First Lady sat by President Jovenel’s coffin for an hour before allowing the guards to seal his coffin inside the tomb. Would you please remember this special woman and her family in your prayers? Would you please pray for the Haitian people as they mourn the loss of a great leader and wonder what is to become of their nation? Would you pray for us at Rehoboth Ministries as we continue to encourage our people who are going through a very dark time in their nation?

People in high positions have managed to arm their own gangs with high-powered weapons. They terrorize the countryside and the kidnappings have increased. We used to talk about how bad things were in the south of Haiti around the capital, but now there are incidents happening in our part of the country as well. Kidnappings are rampant and young men are being coerced to join them in order to eat and stay alive. This is the reason the missionaries I wrote of in an earlier post lost their lives. Jacmel is not that far from Port-au-Prince and the drive could have been made in a vehicle. But, due to the threat of being stopped by a gang on the route, these missionaries chose to fly instead. One of the planes crashed. Today, many widows and children, both Haitian and American are crying out for justice and praying their loved ones didn’t die in vain. (Click on the link below to watch the First Lady’s speech.)

 Psalm 18: 6 In my distress I called upon the LORDand I cried unto my GodHe heard my voice out of His templeand my cry came before Him, even into His ears.

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