Update on Dana

So many of you have called and written to ask how I am doing, so I’m bringing you up-to-date. To be honest, my first chemo round was brutal. I was fine for two days afterward, but on the third day I started to feel the toll of four hours of chemo going through my body. My legs felt heavy and my energy left me. I broke out in hives on my neck, shoulders, and chest and it was hard to rest for being in so much pain. All this happened over the weekend, so I had the choice of going to ER or toughing it out.

As soon as Monday rolled around, I headed for the Oncology Center and asked to see either the doctor or the physician’s assistant. The secretary told me they would not be available for 30 minutes. I said, “I’ll wait.” Finally, I was ushered into an office and both of them came in. I told them about my rough weekend and showed them my rash. They gasped and called in a prescription for an anti-inflammatory for me. It took several days, but the rash finally disappeared.

Wednesday, I went back for my second round of chemo. I was there from 9:00-4:00. After going to the lab, I was ushered back to the Physician Assistant’s office. It took a while before I saw her and told her about the sensation in my left leg during the first round. It wasn’t painful, but so strong that I gritted my teeth through it. Why I never thought to call a nurse, I don’t know. The PA said that she was reducing my chemo by 20% and that I should have never broken out into a rash. She wants me to continue with the anti-inflammatory medication just to keep it in check. The second chemo round was long, but uneventful. I have felt wonderful since then. Tomorrow’s my third day and after the first round of chemo, it was on the third day that I started to feel absolutely horrible. So…I ask you to pray that ushering in this new year will truly start with a touch of grace – meaning no repercussions from this second round. I am now halfway through my chemo.

After sharing this with you, we pray that 2021 will be the year of His visitation to you. Since I am typing this to post tomorrow (Jan.1st), our main church in Haiti is praying in the new year and they are specifically remembering YOU as they pray. Thank you for your continued prayers for me, my family, and for the work of Rehoboth Ministries!

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1 thought on “Update on Dana

  1. Hi Dana, Prit; thanks for the update. We pray God’s comfort and healing for you; and God’s strength and perseverance for Prit. I know something of that from watching (and serving) ML for the last couple months as she deals with the nerve pain in her legs from the spinal stenosis. Hopefully, that will be getting some relief soon. She is scheduled for back surgery on Monday, Jan 4. She will have two laminectomies in her lower spine and the surgeon predicts success. We accept! God is faithful; we appreciate the service and sacrifice of both of you and pray for your continued trust in Him. Aloha in Jesus’ name, Jim/ML


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