Precious Seed Sown…

Pastor Paulcin oversees a church in the region of Le Borgne or what we usually call Ti Bouk Oboy (a little village outside of Borgne). It is about two hours west of Cap-Haitian. Paulcin spent many years in our main church in Petite-Anse serving in many capacities and proved to be as faithful as anyone could be. He is also a graduate of our 4-year Bible Institute. But, Paulcin always had a yearnng to return one day to Borgne to disciple the people with whom he grew up. We helped him establish a small church there which continues to grow and thrive under his leadership. He has persevered through famine, severe lack, and having to pray for everything they get. Yet, the joy on his face reflects the love in his heart for what he does. We salute you and your family, Pastor Paulcin. Pastor Paulcin’s church is the only one of our four which does not have a feeding program as of yet, and they continue to pray that they will be able to feed the 200 children which attend school there. They are also trying to raise money for a small generator to use during their church meetings. Would you join him in prayer for these things?

Also, our main church in Petite-Anse will be praying in the New Year. I asked Pastor Delinx to please remember all our donors and readers in prayer. For a people who have to use their faith daily for the simplest of needs, they are only too happy to pray for others. I will share more about my second round of chemo soon. It does my heart good to remind myself of all our Haitian disciples, friends in Canada, friends here in the U.S, and others who flood me with e-mails and messages letting me know that I am in the center of their prayers. We take comfort in knowing that the precious seeds we planted in Haiti almost 38 years ago have come to fruition and now they undergird us with strength for the trials we face.

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