Post-Surgery Update

Greetings everyone! I feel the need to give a short update since my surgery on Tuesday, October 20. Many of you have communicated in so many ways — phone calls, cards, meals, prayers, acts of love and the list goes on….

So much is going on in the world as well with the elections close at hand, but most of my time has been spent sleeping. After a mastectomy and the removal of 20 lymph nodes under my left arm which were cancerous, we returned home and my energy has been in short supply. I am wearing a drain that collects my blood into two large plastic bulbs, so the continued bleeding is draining strength from me as well. On October 28, I will return to the doctor and have this tight ”wrap-around” to my torso removed so that I can breathe more easily. What a relief that will be! Then, we will have a discussion as to what my next step includes.

$20,000 Fundraiser

In case you didn’t see it, we have a fundraiser going for the Bible institute. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to cover all the professors’ salaries and the scholarships for our students for the year 2021. Would you like to help us meet this goal? If so, give online or by check and earmark your gift IBAG or Bible school so it will go directly into that fund. Many thanks to those of you who are already enabling us to train up leaders for the future of God’s work in Haiti.

Thanks again for your outpouring of love towards me during this time of recuperation.

Rehoboth Ministries is… Changing Lives and Impacting a Nation

Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 / (919) 751-8188  & please earmark your gift for Haiti.

Contact Information:

Pritchard: 910 703 3098 / Haiti: 011 509 4160 4096

Dana: / 910 916 7229 / Haiti: 011 509  4037 5341

John: / 910 581 0390 / Haiti: 011 509 3253 0595

Mailing Address:

Pritchard & Dana ADAMS

702 Cattail Court

Jacksonville, NC  28540

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