I Don’t Want To Be Your Hero

13592548_10154371249367008_7664008177577193517_nI heard a beautiful song a while back from my kids’ generation – even though they are no longer kids. ūüôā It’s the type of song that, once you hear it, lingers in your mind playing it’s beautiful melody over and over again. The title of the song is ”I Don’t Want To Be Your Hero.”¬†Out of curiosity, I asked our son, John, what the composer really meant when he wrote it, so he researched it. All in all, the writer seemed to have no real reason and I guess the words just came to him and they seemed to fit with the music. In a sense, his hunch was right because the song was a hit and became the theme song for a popular tv series.

I envisioned several reasons that would have provoked him to write this song before I learned there was really no particular reason for doing so. I thought, perhaps it was a young man not willing to go to war and lose his life for his country or maybe he was a dead-beat dad who shirked the responsibilities of fatherhood. He could have just been the husband who no longer wanted to be there for his wife. I guess this song could be interpreted in more ways than we can count.  However, it got me to thinking about heroes we have met.

Modern-Day Heroes

We, here at Rehoboth, know many wonderful people who have stepped up to the plate and willingly given into this work. They are modern-day heroes who have seen the plight of the Haitian people and given what they could. Not only have they given of their finances, but many have come to Haiti to preach, do construction, feed hungry children, meet with our leaders and encourage our people with their presence. They also made time for us in just sitting around the table to enjoy meals and conversations, plus brainstorming together.

If Rehoboth Ministries has been successful, it has not been due to our labor alone. It is by the coming together of so many friends and donors who are willing to be a catalyst of change in other people’s lives.

Such is the couple featured in today’s post. Pastor John and Jan Finochio are from Harriston, Ontario (Canada) and they pastor Crossroads Life Church. They have partnered with Rehoboth on so many levels. John and Jan have been to Haiti and ministered in our main church, John has also taught both in seminars and in our Bible institute. They have put their hands to the plow in multiple ways financially and upheld us with their prayers. We are so grateful for their partnership.

Thank you John and Jan for being modern-day heroes!


Rehoboth Ministries is… Changing Lives and Impacting a Nation


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Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 / (919) 751-8188  & please earmark your gift for Haiti.

Contact Information:

Pritchard: pgiba3@gmail.com/ 910 703 3098 / Haiti: 011 509 4160 4096

Dana:         danaptl@gmail.com / 910 916 7229 / Haiti: 011 509  4037 5341

John:          adams.john@gmail.com / 910 581 0390 / Haiti: 011 509 3253 0595

Mailing Address:

Pritchard & Dana ADAMS

702 Cattail Court

Jacksonville, NC  28540

(NOTE: Our stateside #’s do not work when we are in Haiti.)

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