Family Time!


L to R: John, Sam, Deborah, Lorelei, Gabriel, Dana, and Prit

The house is awfully quiet today except for the sound of a full load of sheets in the washing machine which are chugging away. Beds have been stripped and we’re simultaneously working on cleaning the house and catching up on ministry work. The whole family took off yesterday – all going in different directions. John and Gabe left at 2:30 a.m. to reach their flight connections from Raleigh and Deb took off later with Sam and Lorelei for West Virginia. John flew back into Haiti yesterday afternoon and Gabe flew back to Portland (OR). Thankfully, everyone reached their designated spot safely.

The presence of a 5 year old (Sam) and a 1 year old (Lorelei) in the house quickly revealed to us 60 some year olds how much stamina we really have! All in all, we had a  wonderful family vacation together. It’s not often that we all come together under one roof, so we made the most of it. We enjoyed our beach time, playing putt-putt golf, and going out for seafood among other things. But, what we enjoyed most was just being together. I think that is revealed in the picture above. It’s a good thing John thought to get a shot before we all went back to living our everyday lives. As the old Frank Sinatra song goes,  we say to our clan, Thanks for the memories!


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6 thoughts on “Family Time!

  1. What a happy post. Loved the photo. It gives us joy to know your family was all together for that week and that they prosper and walk with the Lord. Matt and Becky


  2. Dana, the picture is beautiful. What a joy it is to see you all together and I can just imagine what a fun filled time it was for you all. We surely realize how much we are aging when those little ones are around. Scarlett said to me just this weekend, “Nana, will you play with me”. Of course you know I dropped everything and we played kitchen (she loves to pretend cook). It was a blessing to see your happy “crew” in that picture. Thanks for sharing it! Love you BUNCHES!

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