A Bible School Student’s Narrow Escape from Danger!

UnknownOur son, John, posted this on his facebook page and, in case you didn’t see it, I didn’t want you to miss out. We never know what we’ll come up against, whether living in Haiti, or elsewhere. However, we do know one who’s name is Faithful. Be encouraged today!


One of our Bible college students told me today that he almost died the other day. He was on the back of a motorcycle going through a narrow market street. He reached up to wipe the sweat off his forehead and accidentally hit a guy next to his eye with his elbow. After stopping, he went up to the guy to apologize. The guy who had been hit mumbled for a minute and then tried to pull a long knife from his belt. Fortunately, a man standing behind the guy with the knife, seeing what he was about to do, grabbed his arms and held him back. Our student jumped back on the motorcycle and told the driver to floor it. The guy with the knife chased them for about a block before giving up. They wound through the streets before going to their final destination, which was only a few blocks from where knife-man was. The student said he felt no fear until he got through the door of the house he was going to and then his heart went into overdrive. You never what a day will bring, do you? I’m grateful for the Lord’s protection today.

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