Natcom Down, Save the Date

UnknownThis is Day 3 of coming to town to check the internet. Rumors are that Natcom (our server) is on strike because the technicians have not been paid. So, we’re paying for a server that doesn’t work. That goes for our cell phones too. Haiti seems to go from one crisis to the next. At least I can sit by the beautiful poolside of the Christophe Hotel and am planning to get in a walk around the pool before I leave. Care to join me?

Save the Date

We are gearing up for our summer schedule. So far,  these dates are taken:

June 9: Impact Church (Morehead City, NC) 

June 16: Moncure Baptist Church (Moncure, NC) 

June 30: Enon Chapel (Jacksonville, NC)  

If you’re in the area, come see us! If you wish for us to come visit your church, group, etc., contact me, Dana, at We look forward to seeing you!

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