God is Faithful

_105596525_mediaitem105596524I have 15 minutes to update this post since the generator is going off at 1:00. We have to ration the precious gas that we have for the generator because gas stations, stores, banks, businesses, schools…..everything is all shut down due to the ongoing strike.

Embassy families have already been flown back to their home country due to the escalating violence in Port-au-Prince.

A young man from Petite-Anse (over an hour’s walk from here) showed up on our doorstep this morning asking for food. He represents so many others and our hearts hurt for them. Our churches are praying and the Lord hears their cry for their country.

God is answering prayer in the midst of the confusion. An assassination attempt on the President’s life failed a couple of days ago. Also, it’s been told that the Prime Minister himself hired a drug lord to kill the President. The plot was foiled because he didn’t pay the drug lord off, so the drug lord went public with it. There is untold wickedness in high places and only intense, radical prayer can bring these thugs down. The President has called for dialogue with the opposition, but they refuse to meet. They want nothing more than for him to step down.

Well, I didn’t get this article typed before the generator went off. Tomorrow will make Day 7 on our compound. For the second week in a row, the mail plane will not be coming in. I have tried to keep my mind on things that need to be done in the spare time that has been allotted me. Thanks for your continued prayers for Haiti as well as all those who are here serving its people. God is faithful.

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