We Need Your Prayers!

AP_19038808445040.jpegBlockades and burning tires. Bottles flying through the air. Pillaging of private businesses. Closed schools and markets. Unavailability of gas to purchase. Hungry children who counted on that one meal a day which they received at school. Gunfire in our neighborhood. All the above and more describes the present situation in Haiti. To top all this, there was an assassination attempt on President Jovenel Möise’s life last night. Fortunately, the attempt was foiled and the man is now in custody.

This is our 5th day on the compound. We have not ventured out. We keep a low profile. The lady who washes our clothes walked a great distance to get here this morning. Anuz managed to get through a blockade and I’m concerned about what she’ll find when she leaves to return home. Things are much worse in Port-au-Prince and I’m including a link below so you can read about the situation here. People are hungry and can no longer afford the continually rising prices in the marketplace. The country is in a state of emergency. This is the result of decades of mismanagement of funds on the government level. Despair has gripped the angry citizens of what Columbus once called the Pearl of the Antilles.

We are asking for your prayers for Haiti and its President. Never has there been a greater need for Godly leadership in this country than at this time. Rehoboth Ministries is laboring to train up men and women like Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, Deborah, and Esther. Haiti needs leaders who are in tune with God’s voice and can hear the Lord’s directive to bring change for the good of its citizens. There is a great vacuum here that needs to be filled by leaders who can’t be bought for any price.

As the saying goes, ”Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Won’t you join us and consider becoming a supporter of this great work? We are training tomorrow’s leaders TODAY! You can give at rehobothhaiti.com


4 thoughts on “We Need Your Prayers!

  1. Praying!! Especially for the children😧
    Marc and Lisa have a big team that’s supposed to fly out of Port au Prince on wed
    It’s led by John and Jessie Lawrence, a couple who used to be in our church and who we took with us many years ago- over 20 people ( too big a team in my view)
    Love you

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