Touching Niger…

0Rehoboth Ministries is very excited to announce that we are indeed (as our motto says), changing lives and impacting a nation. This time, however, it’s a different nation! Rehoboth has just gifted leaders in Niger, Africa, with the same 4-year program in French that we use in our own Bible institute in Haiti. This four-year program took many years of toil, as well as translation work into French before it could be offered to our own Bible school. Little did my husband and Pastor Christian Séveno know how far-reaching their work would be.  Our son, John, digitized most of this curriculum as well.  This picture shows 20 top leaders which represent 50 churches in Niger who will be studying this program. Where our feet have not yet gone, this course of study has already arrived and is impacting this African nation as well. Working together with Pastor Mike Hennigan of Victory Christian Church in Goochland, Virginia, putting these materials into their hands has been an absolute joy. May the Gospel run over the entire earth through these courses and may these leaders in Niger be fully equipped to preach God’s Word.


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Rehoboth Ministries is…..impacting lives and changing a nation

A Blessed Weekend

52708486_562284280843969_1989501758577049600_nGreat News!

School started back today! If you’ve been following all the news lately concerning what’s been going on in Haiti, you’ll know that this is a PHENOMENAL statement. Our school kids and Bible school students just lost two weeks of work due to the rioting that has taken place all over the country. Things are now calm here in Cap-Haitian and we are praying that it will stay so. We will be meeting with our pastors to get the feeding program back up and running as soon as possible.

A Desire Fulfilled

Our generator batteries were installed (yes, finally) yesterday and it has made all the difference in every aspect of life. The electricity (or the lack thereof) will no longer dictate our work schedule or when to go to bed. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed at 8:30 p.m. with an overactive mind! Now, we’re working towards purchasing some solar panels so that if the country runs low on diesel fuel again, we will have a backup plan. Haiti always requires a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C …..well, you get the picture. Would you like to help? You can always use the information below and send a check to:

The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 and earmark it Haiti/Solar Panels

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Special Guests

We had guests this weekend. Pastor Richard Roulette (Quebec) and Evangelist Yves Baron (France) ministered in our main service yesterday morning at Petite-Anse and at our service here on the compound in Sainte-Philomène. It was a powerful time in the Lord and the prayer line kept growing as Yves and some of our leaders prayed for several  people. No one was in a hurry. No one was looking at the clock. I sensed that after the recent  instability and violence, people just longed for a touch from God.  I wondered how many of them came to church hungry. Many had walked for miles. I also wondered if they’d have anything to eat when they got home. Yet, there they were, many holding babies and waiting patiently for their turn in line.  Heaven recorded ten new salvations that occurred in that prayer line yesterday – all children! Thank you Pastor Richard and Yves for the special time we had together.

O Happy Day!

”It is pleasant to see dreams come true…”  Proverbs 13:19 NLT


Our long-awaited generator batteries!

Seeing dreams come true are that much sweeter when one has to wait a long time to see their fulfillment. Our batteries finally arrived from Port-au-Prince and tomorrow an engineer will come to hook them up. This will be our last night of sleeping in the dark. I have become pretty adept at feeling my way around the sink and locating everything I need to remove my makeup in the dark. Fumbling around to find my toothbrush and making sure I didn’t mistakenly take Prit’s was a greater challenge. Thank you again, L’Assemblée de la Bonne Nouvelle in Montreal, Canada, for making this dream come true! Bonne Nouvelle means Good News and there couldn’t be better news than this! Well, except that the tankers filled with diesel fuel also arrived from Port-au-Prince and we were able to refill our drums. Generators are useless without the fuel to put in them.

52868942_2173868319542654_4668143238979256320_nAnother dream is being fulfilled because our last team from Victory Christian Church in Goochland, Virginia, left us some funds for construction purposes. Old walls by the entrance to our guest house had been caving in for some time and we lacked the capacity to repair them. Fortunately, we have a team working on it right now and it will greatly improve the looks of the compound. That you Pastor Mike Hennigan and Victory Christian Church! There are still plenty of other projects that need to be done if someone else gets inspired by this post and would like to help.

How are things here?

Concerning the state of Cap-Haitian, everything has been unbelievably calm this week. Prit and I went to town yesterday and there was very little traffic. The main reason for this is that gasoline has not been sent up from Port-au-Prince yet. Since most public transportation uses gasoline, this impairs the average citizen from traveling to town and back. Hopefully, that will come soon. The great news is that I learned from Pastor Delinx that our main school will be opening back up on Monday. When we see how many students are able to get to school, we can assess what we’ll need to get the feeding program up and running again. It is of utmost importance to us that these children start eating again. Thanks to Orphans Promise and those who give regularly, our students gain an edge nutritionally when so many others go without.

Thanks for all your prayers for us. Rehoboth Ministries is on the ground and thankful for the peace and calm that we’re experiencing. We pray that it will continue to stay that way. Your prayers of intercession and those of the church here in Haiti are paying off. Please continue to pray for this country.

41brb3bS0hL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_The generator’s going off in 15 min. as we are rationing the little bit of gas we have left. We’ve heard that trucks are bringing gas in from Port-au-Prince today. We hope that me may be able to get some before we run out. All our workers showed up this morning and said the streets are calm. That is wonderful news! We left the compound yesterday to go to church for the first time in around 10 days. What a service! The Haitian people continue to amaze me. Church was packed and the worship was sweet. Much prayer was offered for this country. Please continue to pray for Haiti!

I am posting a revised version of an article I wrote some time back that is definitely appropriate for this season. I hope it will bless you as well, particularly for trials you may be going through. God is able!

Weathering the Storm
I (Dana) was watching the Golden State Warriors playing the Cleveland Cavaliers one night. The Warriors were over 20 points behind and the idea of them pulling back up to equalize the score with the Cavaliers looked pretty dim. The Cavaliers caused one upset after another and their leader, Lebron James, edged them closer and closer to solidifying their win. Stealing the ball from one of their opponents and racing to the other end of the court to score time and time again just proved to dampen the Warriors’ spirits even more. The impenetrable defense the Cleveland team provided brought further intimidation. It also didn’t help that the two teams were playing on the Cavaliers’ home court with all their screaming fans in their corner. Nothing they did seemed to shake the confidence of the Cavaliers’ ability to stay ahead, and every goal Lebron’s team scored just tightened the noose a little more.
But, then an interesting thing happened. The Warriors’ coach called a ”time out.” I watched as the camera panned over the weary Warriors. Then, I heard the coach’s voice loud and clear. Here’s what I heard him say in so many words.
You’re going to be ok. Don’t fix your eyes on the scoreboard. You are all winners. You just have to weather the stormNow, get out there and win this game!
Just … weather the storm. What incredible advice! It was just what the team needed because they had every bit of confidence in their coach. And, that’s just what they did. When they returned to the court, they looked like the same team that took a timeout. But slowly and surely it became obvious that, with their renewed confidence and persistence, they were taking back the game. Little by little they began to score. With amazing teamwork, they began to come up with incredible plays that baffled their opponents’ defense team. As the scoreboard slowly, but steadily, added 2 points here and 3 points there, the confidence of the Warriors seemed almost palpable. The screaming fans didn’t seem to phase them anymore and, to make a long story short, they pulled past the Cavaliers and won the game. They would go on to take the championship that year as well.
You see, the Warriors’ coach (Steve Kerr) had played for the Chicago Bulls. How many times had the Bulls trailed so far behind in what looked like an impossible situation? Yet, time and time again, the Chicago team would begin to synchronize perfectly as one, then eventually pull past their opponents and win the game. They kept winning – even multiple championships. Steve Kerr was already a winner and the team he mentored knew it. They had every bit of confidence in whatever the coach told them.
We also have one on the sidelines who’s coaching and cheering us on as well. The neat part is this…He has not only weathered the storm, but is the Master of it as well. Beloved, retreat to your quiet place and listen for His voice. Here’s what you’ll hear Him say …
You’re going to be ok. Don’t fix your eyes on the scoreboard. You are winners. You just have to weather the stormNow, get out there and win this game!

Into the Storm
I also wrote a book in 2011 called Into the Storm. It is available at and tells of another ferocious storm which we weathered. If you haven’t read it yet, get a copy and get encouraged!

God is Faithful

_105596525_mediaitem105596524I have 15 minutes to update this post since the generator is going off at 1:00. We have to ration the precious gas that we have for the generator because gas stations, stores, banks, businesses, schools…..everything is all shut down due to the ongoing strike.

Embassy families have already been flown back to their home country due to the escalating violence in Port-au-Prince.

A young man from Petite-Anse (over an hour’s walk from here) showed up on our doorstep this morning asking for food. He represents so many others and our hearts hurt for them. Our churches are praying and the Lord hears their cry for their country.

God is answering prayer in the midst of the confusion. An assassination attempt on the President’s life failed a couple of days ago. Also, it’s been told that the Prime Minister himself hired a drug lord to kill the President. The plot was foiled because he didn’t pay the drug lord off, so the drug lord went public with it. There is untold wickedness in high places and only intense, radical prayer can bring these thugs down. The President has called for dialogue with the opposition, but they refuse to meet. They want nothing more than for him to step down.

Well, I didn’t get this article typed before the generator went off. Tomorrow will make Day 7 on our compound. For the second week in a row, the mail plane will not be coming in. I have tried to keep my mind on things that need to be done in the spare time that has been allotted me. Thanks for your continued prayers for Haiti as well as all those who are here serving its people. God is faithful.

We Need Your Prayers!

AP_19038808445040.jpegBlockades and burning tires. Bottles flying through the air. Pillaging of private businesses. Closed schools and markets. Unavailability of gas to purchase. Hungry children who counted on that one meal a day which they received at school. Gunfire in our neighborhood. All the above and more describes the present situation in Haiti. To top all this, there was an assassination attempt on President Jovenel Möise’s life last night. Fortunately, the attempt was foiled and the man is now in custody.

This is our 5th day on the compound. We have not ventured out. We keep a low profile. The lady who washes our clothes walked a great distance to get here this morning. Anuz managed to get through a blockade and I’m concerned about what she’ll find when she leaves to return home. Things are much worse in Port-au-Prince and I’m including a link below so you can read about the situation here. People are hungry and can no longer afford the continually rising prices in the marketplace. The country is in a state of emergency. This is the result of decades of mismanagement of funds on the government level. Despair has gripped the angry citizens of what Columbus once called the Pearl of the Antilles.

We are asking for your prayers for Haiti and its President. Never has there been a greater need for Godly leadership in this country than at this time. Rehoboth Ministries is laboring to train up men and women like Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, Deborah, and Esther. Haiti needs leaders who are in tune with God’s voice and can hear the Lord’s directive to bring change for the good of its citizens. There is a great vacuum here that needs to be filled by leaders who can’t be bought for any price.

As the saying goes, ”Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Won’t you join us and consider becoming a supporter of this great work? We are training tomorrow’s leaders TODAY! You can give at

Thank you Team Hennigan!

It’s a gorgeous day here in Cap-Haitian. Although, there have been riots in the streets of our beautiful city and we have been confined to our compound for two days, it’s given me plenty of time to get needed things done. It sounds like things are beginning to settle down a bit, although we’re not quite sure if we’ll make it to Petite-Anse for church tomorrow. It’s usually a day-by-day thing here in Haiti and one has to make the best of it.

We had an excellent time last week with our team from Goochland, Virginia, headed up by Pastor Mike Hennigan. Mike shared several times with the students in our Bible College and everyone was tremendously blessed. Pastor Mike was also our special guest speaker for the 29th Anniversary of our main church in Petite-Anse. The ladies spent two days working with a group on craft ideas and it was a very rich time with our women, plus one man. It was fun watching this tall, lanky guy sitting in a student’s chair laboring over creating paper flowers and placing them on a card. (Wish I had a picture of that one!) The group learned to make coffee and sugar scrubs as well. We also took a day with the team to visit our second church/school plant in Belle-Hôtesse. School pretty much shut down when the team showed up. The children were so excited that the teachers gave up teaching their lessons for that day! The team handed out candy to this school as well as to the one here in Sainte-Philomène.

All in all we had a wonderful time and we enjoyed the fellowship as well. There was lots of laughter around our table. We were all scheduled to take our last day and go to the beach on Thursday, but the team flew out a day early when things started heating up in the country. Thankfully, everyone arrived home safely.

Thank you Victory Christian Church for sending this wonderful team to us!

Update on Haiti


March in Port-au-Prince

I am finally getting around to updating after much busyness. Our team from Goochland, Virginia, flew out a day early yesterday due to increasing problems in the country. Thankfully, they all arrived home safely around midnight. I will post more about that later. It’s been a very busy and rewarding week and much has been done.

We are still waiting for our new batteries and the generator will have to go off soon. The transfer has been made and now it’s just a matter of getting the batteries sent up from Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitian. Today has been one of staying home since there is a strike going on. 7 February 1986 marks the day that President Jean-Claude Duvalier was exiled and I suppose this memory only fuels the despair of the  Haitian people who continue to see escalating prices of gas and food as well as the mismanagement of funds concerning the petrol situation. The picture above was taken two hours ago of a huge march in Port-au-Prince. The citizens are demanding the removal of current President Jovenel Möise as well as his cabinet members. Pray that there will be a resolution to this maddening situation and that the noose will be loosened from around their necks. Life is very hard here and that’s an understatement. I can hear gunfire in the neighborhood. I don’t know if it’s vigilantes or police breaking up a disturbance. There’s much that one doesn’t know here which is a good reason to stay out of the line of fire and spend time in prayer.

In the midst of all the chaos, Rehoboth Ministries is here and making a huge impact upon this country. A silent work is going on of training up tomorrow’s leaders today. We are working to produce a generation which will throw off the restraints of lawlessness and poverty in order to embrace a future that’s filled with hope. As usual, your prayers and offerings spur us on. Thank you for partnering with us!