O Happy Day!

”It is pleasant to see dreams come true…”  Proverbs 13:19 NLT


Our long-awaited generator batteries!

Seeing dreams come true are that much sweeter when one has to wait a long time to see their fulfillment. Our batteries finally arrived from Port-au-Prince and tomorrow an engineer will come to hook them up. This will be our last night of sleeping in the dark. I have become pretty adept at feeling my way around the sink and locating everything I need to remove my makeup in the dark. Fumbling around to find my toothbrush and making sure I didn’t mistakenly take Prit’s was a greater challenge. Thank you again, L’Assemblée de la Bonne Nouvelle in Montreal, Canada, for making this dream come true! Bonne Nouvelle means Good News and there couldn’t be better news than this! Well, except that the tankers filled with diesel fuel also arrived from Port-au-Prince and we were able to refill our drums. Generators are useless without the fuel to put in them.

52868942_2173868319542654_4668143238979256320_nAnother dream is being fulfilled because our last team from Victory Christian Church in Goochland, Virginia, left us some funds for construction purposes. Old walls by the entrance to our guest house had been caving in for some time and we lacked the capacity to repair them. Fortunately, we have a team working on it right now and it will greatly improve the looks of the compound. That you Pastor Mike Hennigan and Victory Christian Church! There are still plenty of other projects that need to be done if someone else gets inspired by this post and would like to help.

How are things here?

Concerning the state of Cap-Haitian, everything has been unbelievably calm this week. Prit and I went to town yesterday and there was very little traffic. The main reason for this is that gasoline has not been sent up from Port-au-Prince yet. Since most public transportation uses gasoline, this impairs the average citizen from traveling to town and back. Hopefully, that will come soon. The great news is that I learned from Pastor Delinx that our main school will be opening back up on Monday. When we see how many students are able to get to school, we can assess what we’ll need to get the feeding program up and running again. It is of utmost importance to us that these children start eating again. Thanks to Orphans Promise and those who give regularly, our students gain an edge nutritionally when so many others go without.

Thanks for all your prayers for us. Rehoboth Ministries is on the ground and thankful for the peace and calm that we’re experiencing. We pray that it will continue to stay that way. Your prayers of intercession and those of the church here in Haiti are paying off. Please continue to pray for this country.

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