Welcome, Lorelei!


                                          Lorelei Edelen – already contemplating

Being travel weary, getting our taxes caught up, and working to get our new home in order, I haven’t had much time or energy to post. But this one can’t wait!

Lorelei Edelen made her grand debut into the world at around 5:10 this morning. We have a granddaughter! We are so happy for Ben, Deb, and Sam. Welcome to our world, Lorelei! Sam is going to be an awesome ”Big Brudder.”


4 thoughts on “Welcome, Lorelei!

  1. Congratulations!! I know you are so excited. When will you be home? Hope you have had s good year. Please text me. I don’t read email everyday. Betty really not well. Jo having a hard time as well. I just had s cancer removed from left ankle. Having a ruff time with it. They can’t put stitches. Said a 3 mo healing period. Pray for all of us. We can’t even help each other right now. Pretty 😢. Better days ahead. Lots to talk about. Hope to see you soon. Love Janice

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