Catching Up With Events

Guest Ministry

Since the last few weeks have been a whirlwind, I am finally getting caught up in writing an update. Below are pictures from the final week before we boarded the plane with longtime friend, Pastor Matt Garrett, (from Sanford) to return stateside.  Pastor Matt was our guest speaker for the week. What an amazing time we had! Matt did a 2-day conference for our present and former Bible school students and was the special speaker  for our Bible school graduation. What a powerful message he preached on Receiving and Giving. Matt also ministered to our mother church in Petite-Anse. His ministry and fellowship was superb and it was an excellent way to crown the year! All our students were tremendously blessed and we thank Pastor Matt for enriching our lives and ministry.

A Final Salute to Pastor Dick Iverson

33657199_10155276015247294_4439233791478726656_o-1This year our graduates did something that touched us deeply. Normally, the graduates have the opportunity to choose a great reformer such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, or John Knox to represent them. The reformer’s picture is posted on the front of the program for the graduation service. You can imagine our surprise and delight when they asked if they could honor Pastor Dick Iverson instead. Pastor Dick spoke at our last Bible school graduation and ministered greatly to our students.

Pastor Dick was the founder of Bible Temple and Portland Bible College in Portland, Oregon. He also founded MFI (Ministers Fellowship, International) of which we are members. Pastor Dick and his wife, Roxy, traveled the world over encouraging pastors and missionaries in the faith before he left this earth to find his eternal reward. How very grateful we are that he was able to come to Haiti two years ago and leave such an incredible deposit of faith with us. Obviously, he made a huge impact with our Bible school students!


34444423_10155290541577294_5574236675346792448_nSince we returned to Jacksonville (NC), my sisters and some friends had a housewarming party for us. How very blessed we were to receive gifts and gift cards for our new home – especially since we’re almost starting from scratch.

We had such a great time catching up with relatives and friends. Thanks to everyone who made our party so special! (I have no idea what Prit is doing here. I guess he’s still in preaching mode.) We have had so much fun slowly getting our new home organized. It’s great to be back in the good ‘ole USA!



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