Off the Carousel watched as the suitcases went around and around on the carousel. We were finally back in Jacksonville, NC! It wasn’t hard to pinpoint the two that belonged to us. They were the dirtiest and most beat up of them all. I watched as my once royal blue suitcase came near and Prit quickly pulled it off before it went around again. I felt just like that suitcase looked. Beat up. Tired. Travel weary. Ripped in some places. Loaded down.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s been a great year in many ways. We have received a myriad of answered prayers, plus we dedicated our long-awaited building. People we haven’t even met yet bought us a brand new, double-cab pickup and we now have a first-rate generator in place to get the long-awaited water system up and running. It will provide pure water to the thousands of residents in the Petite-Anse area. We have been the recipients of much grace and are so thankful for those who made all this possible, not to mention all the faithful ones who support us regularly.

However, living in a fourth-world country and overseeing a huge ministry takes its toll. The incessant heat, constant problems related to electricity failure, the monthly responsibilities of paying salaries, plus no outlet to take a mini-vacation anywhere  weighs down the soul. In addition, there’s the constant spiritual warfare and the feeling of the overwhelming needs of a people living permanently in crisis-mode.

We love the people of Haiti and we love Rehoboth Ministries. We also love the fact that we are stateside. We are in much need of physical and spiritual rest. As I write, no one’s banging on our bedroom door to notify us of an urgent need or to let us know that a visitor has shown up – yet again – with no appointment. We don’t hear the wash lady and other workers just outside our window talking. For a missionary, luxury is found in the most unforeseen places. We can actually walk outside our front door without being approached with a need. We can also go to town without weaving to miss the potholes and horrendous traffic. I wonder if the people I see in Walmart or in the restaurant have any idea of how blessed they are to live a life of such simplicity.

So much has happened in the last few weeks that I will have to gradually catch you all up. For now, we’re only too happy to be on the slow track for once and off the carousel. Thank you for your prayers for a safe trip home. It’s good to be back.

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