Back to Square One

images-1.jpegThe weather outside has gone from a beautiful, tropical Paradise this week to a rainy, slushy, muggy gray. It sort of matches our mood here lately. It seems that everything we’ve attempted to accomplish results in a lot of pushing, persevering, and slushing through to get anything done. For over a week, Prit has been calling the Isuzu Dealership in Port-au-Prince to see if they have any pickups available for purchase. Day after day, he was told they were still in customs and hadn’t been released yet.  Finally, we got the go-ahead to fly to Port-au-Prince to buy a vehicle and then the rain started. We were due to make the 25 minute trip over Haiti’s countryside to the capital city this afternoon. Then, we would make the seven hour drive on horrible roads back home tomorrow. I called ahead right before we left just to make sure Sunrise was still flying. Oui, you can come. Be here by 3:00. After a good 45 minutes of fighting bumper-to-bumper traffic and praying we wouldn’t miss our flight, we hurried to the front desk to pay before boarding only to be told by the clerk, Vol la annulé! After slushing through the interminable traffic of Cap-Haitian, we resignedly gathered up our bags and left the airport to, once again, slug our way back home. Our flight is rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:00 and we will try – yet again – to fly out.

Sometimes I’m prone to believe that Murphy’s Law originated in Haiti. If it can go wrong, it will. Life here is full of starts and stops like some of those old cars we saw on the highway today. But, thankfully, the truth of the matter is that he knows our ways and our steps are ordered by the Lord. Delays and disappointments can actually be his way of keeping us right on path.

At any rate, would those of you who are reading this please pray for good weather tomorrow, a completed wire transaction for the vehicle purchase, and a safe flight in that little plane over Haiti’s mountains before the next team comes in? We only have one more week before Orphans Promise arrives for the dedication of our new building. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Back to Square One

  1. Dana,

    Sounds maddening! I prayed your prayer requests. God bless you all.

    All in God’s timing it will come to pass.



  2. Prayers were lifted this am that mission will be completed. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Love to all, Betty

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