We Got It!

I left you all hanging with my last post, but we have wonderful news! Prit and I returned to the airport on Friday morning, praying all the while that we would not be sent back home again due to bad weather. Fortunately, Sunrise was flying to Port-au-Prince and we arrived safely. As soon as we left the airport, we headed straight to the Isuzu Dealership. They had already told us they wanted a wire transfer. Before we left Cap, I had called our bank in North Carolina to talk to our bank representative. The bank was closed due to bad weather and I knew getting a transfer to the dealership quickly could turn into a huge headache. You can imagine the relief that poured into our spirits when they said they would accept a check. Whew!

We spent that night in a guesthouse and rose early to make the 8-hour trip back to Cap-Haitian. We have a beautiful new double-cab Isuzu pickup after waiting for 17 years to get another vehicle. The Trooper has served us well and the owner of the dealership told us we could bring it back and they would work on it. ”It’ll be just like a new vehicle when we’re done with it,” they said. The fact that the Trooper had served us so well is why we wanted to buy from Isuzu again.

One day, we hope to get a new vehicle for John as well. Meanwhile, he can drive the Trooper. In a country with indescribably bad roads, one needs a vehicle on which they can depend, especially if traveling a long distance. We are working on raising the money for that as well.

Orphans Promise

Buying a new vehicle was truly an answer to prayer and we are so grateful for those who were instrumental in helping us get it. It was just in time too because a 17-member team from Orphans Promise is flying in to Cap-Haitian on Saturday for the dedication of our new building. This way, John will be free to go to school each day while we have an extra vehicle to help transport team members and luggage to the hotel.

35 Years!

This Wednesday, 10 January, will make 35 years since we moved to Haiti. The Lord has truly been our Ebenezer in bringing us through many, many trials, toils, and snares. It is the Lord who has established us and made plenty of room for us in this land. With great humility and thankfulness we acknowledge the Lord and his lovingkindness towards us. Of course, we could not have accomplished anything here without the help of our supporters. We are deeply grateful for your prayers and financial giving through all the years.

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