Wrapping Up the New Year


IMG_0413.jpgBeautiful weather. Beautiful week. Beautiful company. Our son, Gabe, spent Christmas week with us and flew out today. Of course, the time went by way too fast, but we’re beyond thankful for this time with him. Since Gabe had not been here since 2010, our workers enjoyed fussing over him. Marie made him rice and beans with a creole sauce, banann pézé (fried plantain), and pumpkin soup. Cola brought him coconuts, fresh pineapple, bananas, and even made him a papaya milkshake minus the sugar. Elaide, not to be outdone, showed up with two avocados the other morning. They all got a big kick out of watching him eat. His appetite certainly hasn’t diminished! Today, he surprised many of our church members with his appearance and they all gathered around and greeted him.

Gabe will go on to spend a few days with our daughter, Deb, and her family. To say we’re a tad jealous is an understatement! It’s around 6 degrees in West Virginia and my daughter says that even her hair hurts! (That part we don’t miss.) We look forward to the whole family coming together this summer and celebrating the birth of new baby Edelen whose debut is expected on 2 June.

We wish you all a belated Joyeux Noel and a Bonne Année! We especially thank our supporters for making this a great year for Rehoboth Ministries. With you giving, you have fed the hungry, provided jobs for workers, enabled students to attend a university, sent the sick to the hospital, bought sewing machines to teach young women a trade and the list goes on and on. Thank you!




2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the New Year

  1. What a great photo!! 6 degrees in West Virginia??!! We would have been thrilled. We were coping with -37 degrees Celsius last night celebrating our church plants 1st yr anniversary. Fireworks, got chocolate and popcorn- outside!! It was a challenge so we moved inside for the service and Italian sodas and cupcakes . Serious frostbite weather and Richard was working with some of the young guys loading and unloading the trailer..it was warmer at the north and South Pole than here the last week but our chinook blows in today- global warming- BRING IT!! Ha up to above zero temps all week so we can go back to outdoor sports and prayer walking. Its not the snow- we love the snow- it’s the cold⛄️💨⛸

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