Back on French Soil


– Evangelist Emmanuel Maennlein 

We just wrapped up our two-day Youth Conference for 2017. More than 800 young people from different corners of the north of Haiti came together for a powerful time in the Lord. They were nurtured both by the Word and by a fully cooked meal prepared by our own youth. Evangelist Emmanuel Maennlein (our guest speaker) came all the way from Alsace, France, to share the message that we are Plus Que Vainqueurs – More than Conquerors. We thank all of you who were so generous in helping to provide the funds to make this happen. We have a burden for the future leaders of a country which is devastated on so many levels. Our vision is great in that we want to invite young leaders and pastors of local churches to come and be trained in the Biblical principles of leadership. This is a great vision and requires the help of many donors. Pray for us that we may be able to make the greatest impact possible in this vineyard to which we have been called.


Bomb Scare in Strasbourg, France

We thank Emmanuel for working tirelessly in the ministry here. From the beginning of his journey, he was detained at Strasbourg due to a bomb scare. Next, he made three different flights to join us in Haiti. He not only was our guest speaker for the youth conference, but he also preached in two of our churches and had a special meeting with our key leaders. Merci beaucoup, Frère Emmanuel! We are glad that you have returned home safely and thankful for the investment that you made into Haiti. When you return, we will give you some more Haitian Pumpkin Soup.

23031526_10213509825487510_727434075289238424_n.jpgOf course, after giving 100%, we had to have a little fun time. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We thoroughly  enjoyed spending some down time at Cormier Plage before sending Emmanuel on his way back home. Right after Emmanuel left, the rain started falling   again and Cap-Haitian was flooded. Since then, we have been under a very thick cloud cover. Here’s a pic of Emmanuel “suffering for Jesus.”


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