We Miss You, Vic!


                                                        Left to Right: John, Vic, Prit


Last week, we were so blessed to have a great friend of ours travel all the way from Tacoma, Washington, to spend a few days with us. Vic Langel loves missions and spends most of his holiday time from work traveling to other countries like Nepal, Uganda, England, and Haiti. This deeply touches our hearts knowing that he could spend his vacation time elsewhere. Vic is a member of Trinity Church which is a longtime supporter of Rehoboth Ministries. I asked Vic if he would like to share some thoughts about his trip. Here’s what he said:

Flying into Cap-Haitian, looking at the mountains and the coast line, I was again reminded why it is called the “Pearl of the Antilles”. A truly beautiful country.

John Adams picked me up and we had to take the back roads to the Adams’ compound. I was again reminded of the unique issues they face in Cap. Students were blocking the main roads in protest to something. These types of protest sometimes produce adverse results and can occur most anytime. It makes traveling around the crowded streets of the city center of Cap even more interesting.

The Haitians I interacted with were always friendly and kind. The Haitians that work with the Adams are true servants of God.

The new church, which is almost completed, is amazing. I do not think there is another church like it in Cap. The people will have an experience similar to Joseph in Genesis going from the prison to the palace.

I have seen Prit, Dana, and their son, John faithfully work long hours. They face phases of really hot weather, unreliable Internet service, and power outages. They continue on because they know God is doing a great work in Cap. THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

I have always had a wonderful time when I have visited the Adams at Cap. I would encourage any church to work with the Adams and arrange a team to come and help with their work. You will not be disappointed.

I would encourage you to financially support Rehoboth Ministries. It is a great work and your help would be a great blessing to them.

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