A Melancholy Post


                    Cap-Haitian, Haiti

I wrote this a couple of days ago. I find it therapeutic to write my feelings down. Ok, it’s also a justification for complaining, venting, and seeking solace. But, it does give you an inside glimpse into life here on the mission field. Sometimes, it’s just no fun. Since then, I’ve returned to seeing the silver lining behind the cloud (for there always is one) and knowing that we have so much for which to be thankful. Discouragements come and go. But, thanks for allowing me to be human. I know that many of you have your own stuff you’re going through. I’d be happy to listen to your story too. 🙂 My next post will be more cheerful and I’ll share all the great things that have been going on around here. I promise!


”This has been an incredibly discouraging day. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a list of goals written out – things that really need to get done, but then only one of them gets marked off. The whole morning I wrestled with the internet and the internet won. The signal was off and on. It taunted and provoked me until I was physically exhausted.

Prit and I went to price some generators so that we could send the information to interested parties in the States. We fought through heavy traffic and finally got the info. from the two places we visited. We decided to go into town and use the internet signal at the hotel only to find that it wasn’t working either. After many failed attempts, we headed back up the mountain to get home just before the rain burst through the dark cloud cover that had been threatening to overtake us. Knowing that the city of Cap-Haitian was flooded the night before was enough incentive to hurry home as quickly as possible.

Now that I’ve complained and let off steam, I feel guilty. There will most likely be folks sweeping the water out of their homes tomorrow. Their little makeshift structures are no match for the torrential rains that threaten to sweep them away. At least our little cracker box of a mission house is safe and dry……well, except for the office area that had water seeping through the tile. What is that all about???”

2 thoughts on “A Melancholy Post

  1. Grace to you guys! Can’t imagine how frustrating that would be when we always have access to these things that we take for granted here in Canada. Hope it all gets functional very soon!

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