Three FREE copies of “Into the Storm”

157621322The 4th of July passed by with much fanfare at the beach this year. Long lines of cars made their way to Surf City, NC, filled with passengers that were eager to soak up the sun and forget their daily duties for a few days. As missionaries who keep one foot in Haiti and the other foot in the United States, we are only too keenly aware of how great our country is and how we need to bathe it in prayer and fight for its freedom.

However, if you’re a regular reader of this post, you also know that July 4th is incredibly significant to us in another way. This year marked 7 years since Prit was quickly flown by helicopter from Didsbury, Alberta, to the Foothills Medical Center in Calgary due to an almost fatal brain aneurysm. Before this crisis was over, he would have suffered a second aneurysm which came very close to taking his life. If you would like to read more about that story, you can order my book, Into the Storm, on If you do order a copy, please send me a note and let me know if it blessed you and how.

When I think of all the things Prit would have missed if God had not intervened, it greatly humbles me. Just a few of these would include the birth of our grandson, the building of our new multipurpose building in Haiti, watching the continuation of our feeding program (over 1,000 children, staff, and workers daily), John’s graduation from Asbury Seminary, and the list goes on an on. Once again, we thank all of you who were praying during that season which proved to be the greatest trial of our lives: especially Richard and Beth Kope and their local church in Didsbury, Alberta.

I would like to offer 3 new books for FREE to celebrate our day of remembrance. To win, you must be the first to answer one of the following questions correctly:

  1. What is the significance of the Hebrew word, Rehoboth?
  2. What does the name Haiti mean?

*Please reply on this Rehoboth blog page.




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