Fun in the Sun!

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We just spent a wonderful week at Topsail Island with our whole family. Putting work aside, we decided to make them our sole focus since we only get together once a year. Thanks to some generous donors, we were able to enjoy a free condo for a week! As all vacations do, this one passed much too quickly. Gabe flew back to Portland on Saturday. Deb and Sam just left to return to West Virginia. My heart melted when my 3 year old grandson looked at me and said, I’m going to miss you, Nana! Sam managed to keep us all entertained with his antics and thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled this week. He is much more verbal than the last time we saw him. I forgot how much energy a 3 year old has! Thanks Deb, for driving all those hours to be with us and to Gabe for flying across country to make our family time so special! How I wish we could get together more often. *Sigh*


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