Thank you for your help

UnknownPrit and I have just returned from spending a couple of days in Sanford with some wonderful friends and supporters. We were also able to go from there and spend a few days in our old stomping ground of Fayetteville which was home for so many summers. Sunday, we reunited with our many friends at Northwood Temple Church and watched an incredible dramatic production about William Wilberforce, then enjoyed an early 4th of July picnic on the grounds. How inspiring to be reminded of how the Lord used this one man’s life  to help abolish slavery in England and to set the course for the abolition of the slave trade in the colonies! Of course, the time passed way too quickly and we didn’t get to see everyone. After returning to Fayetteville every summer for so many years, we are thankful for all the supporters and friends who remain there. Thanks to all of you for making us feel so welcomed and appreciated!

Help Us Help Tedson

12440752_963185070468715_2802576586021095321_oWe want to thank those who have responded to our call to help Tedson Massillon with his upcoming school year’s tuition and other costs. Tedson’s required summer camp is all paid for and he will be attending in July. We also received a $200 offering from a dear couple that already supports Rehoboth. This reduces his bill to $1,780. Would you like to help us help Tedson? If so, please let us know and send a check to The Lord’s Table/ PO Box 11049/ Goldsboro, NC 27532 and earmark it Haiti/TedsonThanks!

Semester Costs for Classes: $200 x 3 Semesters = $600

Credits for 2017-2018: $280

Transportation: $70 x 10 months = $700

Meals: $40 x 10 months = $400

Music Camp for this summer (required): $200 – Paid

Total remaining: $1,780

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