Update from Rehoboth/ Prayers for Chris



June is going by way too quickly! I wish I could push a button and stop it. Before we know it, we will be packing our bags to return to Haiti. We are having a great time though catching up with friends and our family will be all together the first week of July. Yay!

Since my last post, I have celebrated another birthday. Prit and I also celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. 34 of those years have been spent in Haiti. We have met with the Women’s Aglow group in Mt. Olive (awesome group) and with the First Pentecostal Holiness Church in Mt. Olive for a great service. Last Sunday, we were with Pastor Nelson and Vicky Hopkins in Morehead City. This weekend, we look forward to visiting some of our great friends and supporters in Sanford. I will post an update of future meetings in case you all would like to come visit with us.


I have a very dear friend who always showers me with gifts every time I see her. She’s just one of those people who knows how to make one feel super special. This year was no exception. When Prit and I went to visit her, she had gift baskets prepared – one for him and one for me among other gifts. It’s always Christmas when we’re with her. But, one gift stood out. My friend gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers dipped in blue dye. She had no idea that on our wedding day, the ladies at Rock Church in Tarboro had prepared the same type of flowers for our wedding – white flowers dipped in blue dye. I do believe the Lord has a way of bringing things to our remembrance and this special gift did just that.

Prayers for Chris

We have a dear friend, Chris Hamrick, who is in an irreversible coma. The doctors have said they can no longer do anything else for her. Please pray for the Hamrick family. This has been a long and difficult road for them and now they have to make a decision as to what to do next. We know our God is a God of miracles. We have seen him do miracles in our lives and ministry over and over. Would you please pray with us for another one and for this precious family? Also, this has put a tremendous financial hardship on Dennis since he has had to pay for food and lodging while Chris was in the hospital off and on. If the Lord should touch your heart to help them, here’s their address. Include a little note and let Dennis know who you are and that you’re praying for their situation. It will lift a very heavy burden from his shoulders.  Here’s their address:

Dennis & Chris Hamrick  / 313 South Howard Circle / Tarboro, NC 27886

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