IMG_1842What a rich time we have had so far with our Guatemalan friends! Their expressed desire was to 1) come and learn, and 2) come and serve. They have surely demonstrated a servant’s heart since they’ve been here. Last week they went to Belle-Hôtesse to visit the school and feeding program there. They also carried bags of nutritious meals they brought with them to distribute to around 40 needy  families. Boy, were they happy!

This weekend the team volunteered to paint Pastor Lefort’s church inside. Now Pastor Lefort has a new roof AND a painted building. Slowly, but surely, the Lord is restoring the buildings on this compound which he gave us to steward.

Saturday morning in our Leaders’ Meeting, Pastor Otto and Sister Alejandra gave two incredible messages to our leadership team which meets once a month. Alejandra spoke on the subject of The Sacrificial Life of a Leader which involves humility and the need to endure through seasons of fruitlessness. I wrote this in my notes: Jesus has been waiting for 2,000 years for his sacrifice to come to fruition. How much more should we be willing to wait for him to do his perfect work in our lives. Pastor Otto also spoke on the Awakening of a Leader and gave lessons from Nehemiah. Nehemiah came to a city with no vision and helped restore hope by retransmitting the vision to the remnant which had returned to Jerusalem. There were so many more valuable nuggets that I don’t have time to share them here. These messages spoke directly to the hearts of our leaders who are well acquainted with suffering and have the awesome responsibility of transmitting a vision of hope to the Haitian people. They have incredible odds facing them, but they are up to the challenge. Afterwards, the team gathered around our leaders and prayed for them.

IMG_1854.JPGWe are so grateful for these brothers and sisters who have come to encourage and serve us who are laboring here in Haiti. They are a mission-minded team and have fit right in here. This team comes from Iglesia De Cristo Elim Central, a dynamic church which is affiliated with the MFI Fellowship as we are. More to come!

* MFI: Ministers’ Fellowship International

NOTE: I have tried for hours to add pictures to this post, but the internet signal is just too weak. Such is life in Haiti! I’m going to go ahead and post it anyway. I’ll add the pictures next time (hopefully).

2 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. Hi dear ones, sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with these folks from Guatemala.
    I can imagine they are high impact, low maintenance people because of their culture. Happy for you!
    We just had weeks holiday in Cuba with Corey and Erin and their girls. We had good time but they still have too much strife in their marriage and it troubles us. We know that strife is an open door to satan. Certainly they are doing better than last year but we are not out of the woods yet. Could we continue to count on your prayers? There are very few folks we can entrust this with.
    There is also the stress of trying to sell our home. We may just take it off the market if we haven’t sold it by the end of this month and just live here. We can easily manage the drive to and from Airdrie. The main reason we want to move is to host small groups and mentor new people coming to church there in our home which we cannot do from here.
    We will pray for you as we go on our prayer walk this morning.
    Much love, Beth

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  2. Hey Beth, we will surely pray. I’m sorry to hear that. They always look so happy in their pictures. You’re trying to sell a house & we plan to (finally) buy one. Will pray about that too. God is able!

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