Time to Go!

IMG_1911Yesterday, the last two of our team from Guatemala left and today we have also been packing to return stateside. We’re glad to hear that everyone arrived home safely and now we ask for your prayers for us as we fly out tomorrow (Sunday).

John will stay behind until his school finishes 25 May, then he will head out as well. Our Bible institute has finished up, but our schools are still in session until they finish up their exams around mid-June. Until then, the kids, staff, and cooks of our three schools will still receive a nutritious meal each day thanks to so many who have given.

IMG_1912.JPGAs I write, it is pouring down rain outside – a relief from the oppressive heat we’ve been having. Hope it’s clear skies to Miami tomorrow though!

Jeep Fund

We wish to thank all of you again for making it possible for us to purchase not one, but two vehicles. As I shared in the last post, a tremendous opportunity has opened up to us to purchase a new vehicle come October. For those of you who have been giving to the jeep fund regularly, we will also be able to look for a good second-hand vehicle that John can use for traveling back and forth to school. We are so grateful for the help of our wonderful supporters and will let you know when they are purchased.

Make a Date!

UnknownIf you would like for us to come share at your church, now’s the time to pencil us in. We will be returning to Haiti around the second week of August and it’s going to be a super busy summer. You can contact us at the e-mail addresses on our website. Also, our #’s for the States will be functioning tomorrow. Pray for us as we have much to pack into this summer!

Pritchard: (910) 703-3098 / pgiba3@gmail.com

Dana: (910) 916-7229 / danaptl@gmail.com


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