Nearing the Finish Line!

Feeding Program


Pastor Délinx Joseph & Pastor Gesner Lefort

Today, we made the last payment to cover our May to mid-June feeding program. Thank you so much Rehoboth supporters! You have given so faithfully all year long in order for our school kids to have a nourishing meal 5 days a week for the whole school year.

Thanks to Orphans Promise, Lifeline Ministry, and Rehoboth Ministries, our desire to feed hungry children for another year has been accomplished. Fête Accompli!


Jeep Fund

clip-art-smoking-in-your-car-clipart-1Great news! We have had an incredible opportunity presented to us from some very generous donors. They have pledged to purchase us a new vehicle by giving a donation of $5,000 a month beginning now and continuing through the month of October. When we return from the States at the beginning of August, we can look forward to buying a brand new vehicle in October. This is an incredible answer to prayer!

We would like to make a proposal concerning the money which has been raised so far for the other second-hand vehicle we were looking at in Port-au-Prince. Since my last post, we have managed to raise over $10,100. Do we have someone who would be willing to help us reach the goal of $10,500 to purchase this vehicle as well? The remaining figure that we need is $400. This would give us two decent-running vehicles that will not need continual repair like the Trooper which has had its clutch replaced two times already. Thank you for your consideration of this need as well.


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