Let’s Talk Turkey!

FullSizeRender-2.jpgWe are hosting a 10- member team from Guatemala for 10 days. I called Agape Flights on Tuesday and asked one of the pilots if it was possible to get a large turkey flown in today (Thursday). Usually, one has to make an order to Agape several days in advance to get something sent in. Imagine my surprise when Jeff (one of the pilots) wrote me back and asked if I wanted a free turkey. Every Thanksgiving, Agape flights (with the help of donors) flies in a turkey complete with a turkey dinner for the missionaries. This last Thanksgiving, for some reason, they had one turkey left over. Jeff explained that the Agape staff had planned to eventually cook the turkey and eat a meal together. But, they never got around to it. So…..we received a 20 lb. turkey today that we will be cooking tomorrow for 18 people: 10 guests, us 3, and 5 Haitian workers we feed 5 days a week.  Thank you, Agape Flights for your incredible thoughtfulness towards us during our time of need. You are the best!  For the next post, I’ll actually put up some pictures of our team. 🙂

automobile-1845012__480.jpgJeep Fund

Thanks to all of you who have been helping us with our jeep fund. We had another commitment today which will bring us to $7,609. With an extra $2,000 pledge which has been made, this will give us a total to $9,609. John has found a really nice jeep owned by a missionary in Port-au-Prince who is willing to sell it to us for $10,500. This leaves a goal of $891 to raise. They even told John they would take care of the title registration which we had anticipated to be an extra charge. We are asking for your aid once again to put us over the top. We don’t know how long the jeep will be available as other folks know that it’s for sale too. As soon as we have the money,  John can fly to Port-au-Prince and drive the jeep back to Cap-Haitian. Thanks for your help!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey!

  1. Buck just donated $1000 to The Lords Table for John’s Jeep. Hope it gets to you in time. God bless you all.

    Cathy Walker

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