New Projects for Rehoboth


-Yuriy meeting with our committee members

It’s been a busy time here in O Cap! This week, three visitors representing two organizations came and blessed Rehoboth Ministries. Yuriy Khomyak from Orphans Promise came to check on the progress of our new church building. Yuriy also sat with our leaders to talk about some potential new projects they would like to help us with in order to create jobs for our people here. This would help create a source of revenue that would help sustain those workers, their families, and our church needs. We are so grateful to Yuriy for the valuable time he spent with our leaders and we are filled with great hope for the future.


-Alberto & Juan Luis

Alberto (Nino) Neyes and Juan Luis Vilorio from the Dominican Republic also came to install a new water project for us thanks to the collaboration between Mercy Chefs, Int. and Water at Work Ministries.  We will now be able to provide pure, clean water for our main compound in Petite-Anse which will enable our school children, church members and surrounding communities to avoid sickness and dehydration. Clean water is a priceless commodity in Haiti! Thank you guys for leaving us better off than when you came and a huge thanks to Orphans Promise, Water At Work Ministries, and Mercy Chefs for giving selflessly to make other people’s lives better.

Sewing Machines

We put a note on Facebook asking for help to purchase sewing machines for a new sewing class we intend to begin on our main compound. The response has been unbelievable! As of now, we have the promise for 12 new machines and our goal is 25 machines. We can buy a Singer sewing machine here for $210 US. Would you like to make an investment into a young person’s future by helping them learn to sew? We thank all of those who have responded so fervently to this need.

Jeep Fund

clip-art-smoking-in-your-car-clipart-1.jpgWe have raised $7,409.00 so far for our jeep fund with a promised pledge of $2,000.00 making it $9,409.00. Our goal is $35,000, so you can see we have quite a ways to go still. If we are able to find a decent second-hand vehicle here in Haiti, we will buy what we can with what we have. John is also raising funds on his website: and we will be combining our funds in order to reach our goal quicker.

Our Isuzu Trooper is in constant use. John uses it to go to school in the morning and we use it for everything else. It gets a full workout for a jeep that is almost 17 years old! (The reason it has lasted that long is because we bought it new.) This is a vital need for the ministry, especially when visitors are here. Our jeep is needed even more during those times and it’s a challenge for John to be able to get to school and for us to go to various places with our teams. Also, we’re not too crazy about John having to take moto taxis to school as the driving in Haiti is madness. We could really use your help!

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25



2 thoughts on “New Projects for Rehoboth

  1. Good Morning,This is Anita Martin. I live in the southern part of Haiti very close to Cote de Fer. We are starting a sewing program here at our school this fall. You mentioned about being able to buy Singer sewing machines here for 210.00 I am very interested in where to purchase these machines. We have seen other brands (finger). But would really like the Singer. Plus would love to buy in country. Thank you for any help you can provide Enjoy reading what God is doing in your ministry.BlessingsAnita Martin Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    • Hi Anita! We are in Cap-Haitian located in the north and yes, Singer sewing machines are available here. They are the ones with the treadle & sell for $210 here in town. We had such an overwhelming response about the machines that they have to order more in as they didn’t anticipate selling that many. I believe electric ones are available too, but we wanted the older machines. I haven’t been to the store myself. The guys in our church who are over the project have been there. I told them to please get pictures so that I could show our donors what they’re buying. Hope you find what you’re looking for! Glad you’re enjoying the website. 🙂 Dana

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