Nearing the Finish Line!

Feeding Program


Pastor Délinx Joseph & Pastor Gesner Lefort

Today, we made the last payment to cover our May to mid-June feeding program. Thank you so much Rehoboth supporters! You have given so faithfully all year long in order for our school kids to have a nourishing meal 5 days a week for the whole school year.

Thanks to Orphans Promise, Lifeline Ministry, and Rehoboth Ministries, our desire to feed hungry children for another year has been accomplished. Fête Accompli!


Jeep Fund

clip-art-smoking-in-your-car-clipart-1Great news! We have had an incredible opportunity presented to us from some very generous donors. They have pledged to purchase us a new vehicle by giving a donation of $5,000 a month beginning now and continuing through the month of October. When we return from the States at the beginning of August, we can look forward to buying a brand new vehicle in October. This is an incredible answer to prayer!

We would like to make a proposal concerning the money which has been raised so far for the other second-hand vehicle we were looking at in Port-au-Prince. Since my last post, we have managed to raise over $10,100. Do we have someone who would be willing to help us reach the goal of $10,500 to purchase this vehicle as well? The remaining figure that we need is $400. This would give us two decent-running vehicles that will not need continual repair like the Trooper which has had its clutch replaced two times already. Thank you for your consideration of this need as well.


Let’s Talk Turkey!

FullSizeRender-2.jpgWe are hosting a 10- member team from Guatemala for 10 days. I called Agape Flights on Tuesday and asked one of the pilots if it was possible to get a large turkey flown in today (Thursday). Usually, one has to make an order to Agape several days in advance to get something sent in. Imagine my surprise when Jeff (one of the pilots) wrote me back and asked if I wanted a free turkey. Every Thanksgiving, Agape flights (with the help of donors) flies in a turkey complete with a turkey dinner for the missionaries. This last Thanksgiving, for some reason, they had one turkey left over. Jeff explained that the Agape staff had planned to eventually cook the turkey and eat a meal together. But, they never got around to it. So…..we received a 20 lb. turkey today that we will be cooking tomorrow for 18 people: 10 guests, us 3, and 5 Haitian workers we feed 5 days a week.  Thank you, Agape Flights for your incredible thoughtfulness towards us during our time of need. You are the best!  For the next post, I’ll actually put up some pictures of our team. 🙂

automobile-1845012__480.jpgJeep Fund

Thanks to all of you who have been helping us with our jeep fund. We had another commitment today which will bring us to $7,609. With an extra $2,000 pledge which has been made, this will give us a total to $9,609. John has found a really nice jeep owned by a missionary in Port-au-Prince who is willing to sell it to us for $10,500. This leaves a goal of $891 to raise. They even told John they would take care of the title registration which we had anticipated to be an extra charge. We are asking for your aid once again to put us over the top. We don’t know how long the jeep will be available as other folks know that it’s for sale too. As soon as we have the money,  John can fly to Port-au-Prince and drive the jeep back to Cap-Haitian. Thanks for your help!

New Projects for Rehoboth


-Yuriy meeting with our committee members

It’s been a busy time here in O Cap! This week, three visitors representing two organizations came and blessed Rehoboth Ministries. Yuriy Khomyak from Orphans Promise came to check on the progress of our new church building. Yuriy also sat with our leaders to talk about some potential new projects they would like to help us with in order to create jobs for our people here. This would help create a source of revenue that would help sustain those workers, their families, and our church needs. We are so grateful to Yuriy for the valuable time he spent with our leaders and we are filled with great hope for the future.


-Alberto & Juan Luis

Alberto (Nino) Neyes and Juan Luis Vilorio from the Dominican Republic also came to install a new water project for us thanks to the collaboration between Mercy Chefs, Int. and Water at Work Ministries.  We will now be able to provide pure, clean water for our main compound in Petite-Anse which will enable our school children, church members and surrounding communities to avoid sickness and dehydration. Clean water is a priceless commodity in Haiti! Thank you guys for leaving us better off than when you came and a huge thanks to Orphans Promise, Water At Work Ministries, and Mercy Chefs for giving selflessly to make other people’s lives better.

Sewing Machines

We put a note on Facebook asking for help to purchase sewing machines for a new sewing class we intend to begin on our main compound. The response has been unbelievable! As of now, we have the promise for 12 new machines and our goal is 25 machines. We can buy a Singer sewing machine here for $210 US. Would you like to make an investment into a young person’s future by helping them learn to sew? We thank all of those who have responded so fervently to this need.

Jeep Fund

clip-art-smoking-in-your-car-clipart-1.jpgWe have raised $7,409.00 so far for our jeep fund with a promised pledge of $2,000.00 making it $9,409.00. Our goal is $35,000, so you can see we have quite a ways to go still. If we are able to find a decent second-hand vehicle here in Haiti, we will buy what we can with what we have. John is also raising funds on his website: and we will be combining our funds in order to reach our goal quicker.

Our Isuzu Trooper is in constant use. John uses it to go to school in the morning and we use it for everything else. It gets a full workout for a jeep that is almost 17 years old! (The reason it has lasted that long is because we bought it new.) This is a vital need for the ministry, especially when visitors are here. Our jeep is needed even more during those times and it’s a challenge for John to be able to get to school and for us to go to various places with our teams. Also, we’re not too crazy about John having to take moto taxis to school as the driving in Haiti is madness. We could really use your help!

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25



Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, and More!

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated two birthdays this week (even if it was from afar.) Our son, Gabe, turned ”30” years old on April 4 and our grandson, Sam, turned the big ”3” on April 7. This is probably THE hardest thing about life on the mission field – missing those special occasions with our loved ones. But, we’ll make up for lost time when we see you guys. For now we say a huge ”Happy Birthday!”

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.08.31 PM.png

Gabe, on left

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.00.23 PM.png



IMG_1819.JPG IMG_1818

It may as well be the Taj Mahal for all we care. Our new building is going up very quickly and even though it’s still a work in progress, it’s a real beauty to us! It’s the desire of our hearts and an answer to years of prayer. Our workers have taken a well-deserved week off and returned to Arcahaie for Easter week. We would appreciate your continued prayers for them and for this work.

Quarterly Receipts

I have finally finished the quarterly tax receipts for Jan – Mar 2017. Whew! If you are a supporter of Rehoboth, you should have received one already to your mailbox or by an e-mail attachment. Let me know if you didn’t! Hopefully, this will make my job easier and with less receipts there will be less room for error.

Team Coming

We have a 10-member team coming from Elim Fellowship in Guatemala City, Guatemala. They will be spending 10 days with us and we are looking forward to introducing them to Haiti for the first time. They will be here from 24 April – 4 May and shortly thereafter, we will return stateside.


We’ve had great responses to our list of needs here in Haiti. If I typed them all here, it would take too much space, so I will list three here. 1) Sewing Machines: We can buy a Singer sewing machine here for $210 US. We have already received the money to purchase 2 and half of what we need for a third. Since we had 4 here on the compound, that will make 7 already! We are working toward 20 as a goal. 2) Honda generators: We have 2 church plants which need a Honda generator. They are both out in the countryside. Price: $1,700 apiece. 3) Jeep: Our jeep fund has a little over $6,000 in it. We hope you will pray about helping us with this need as it is a great one. We would like to buy a new jeep for $35,000 unless we can find a second-hand vehicle for a good price.

In Remembrance of Me

Meaning-of-Easter-Sunday3I posted this remark on my Facebook page and was surprised to see how many responses it received. I thought I would share it here if you didn’t get a chance to read it and wish all of you a Blessed Easter. He is risen!

This morning we took the Lord’s Supper. I’m always playing the piano when they’re passing out the bread & the juice. When we were all supposed to take the bread, I realized I didn’t get any. I motioned over to one of our workers for a piece & with an apologetic look he offered me the broken crumbs that were left. We laughed together. But as I sprinkled the broken crumbs in my mouth, I thought, ”How fitting.” Those tiny pieces of bread represented the broken body of our Lord even more so and I was reminded once again of the hefty price that was paid for me. ”But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” NIV