Havoc in Haiti


As all eyes are riveted on the U.S. elections, nature is wreaking havoc in Haiti. We’ve had several days of nonstop rain here in the Cap-Haitien area. The last estimate I’ve heard is that there has been 17 inches of rainfall. Driving down the mountain to the Hotel Christophe today was downright scary. It looked like we were either going to be carried away by the swelling waters or end up in a hole. Even now, I’m typing quickly in order to make it back up the mountain before the rain starts getting heavy again.


The town of Cap-Haitien


Outside my passenger window!

Yesterday morning, our church was wet and muddy inside, yet we had 350 church members to show up for the service and take Communion. The rest of them were home dumping bucketful after bucketful of water out of their homes. This usually happens every time there’s a rainy season. Schools close down. Streets and homes get flooded. People get sick – particularly children and old folks. People die.


centre de formation chrétienne (our main church) in Petite Anse

We ask for your prayers for Haiti and, of course, for our own nation during this time. Thank you for your prayers for Rehoboth Ministries as well, that we may be a blessing in a place that experiences so much heartache.


2 thoughts on “Havoc in Haiti

  1. Dana it saddens me to hear of the many hardship that you are facing. Please know that our prayers are with you , your family and the country oh Hati. Love, Betty Sent from my iPhone


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