Guest Ministry & Update on Hurricane Victims

We have just ended a week of tremendous ministry. Pastor Steve Fitzpatrick (San Diego, CA) along with Pastor Normand and Véronique Leduc (Quebec) taught in our Bible institute as well as ministered in our churches. Pastor Normand and Véronique also conducted a marriage seminar for around fifty couples on Friday. What a time of enrichment for all of us as well as some wonderful times of fellowship and laughter for us here on the field!


Steve & Kathy Fitzpatrick 

Steve is a regular visitor to Haiti and an outstanding Bible teacher. We are graced with his presence usually once a year. His capacity for opening up and unfolding God’s Word always leaves us hungry for more. Steve is the President of Herald of Faith Ministries  and travels all over the world equipping leaders of local churches.





Normand & Véronique Leduc

Normand is the Missions Director at La Chapelle chrétienne du Haut-Richelieu  in Quebec. He and Véronique have conducted several marriage seminars together.

Thank you, Steve, Normand, and Véronique for such a wonderful time together. You have left such a rich deposit with our people and we will never be the same! We’re amazed at how quickly our friendship grew after just one week of knowing each other.  Your love and respect for the Haitian people and their language was so evident. We can’t wait until you come back! Véronique, we were so happy to be able to share your birthday with you!

Due to the weakness of our internet server, I will post more pics on my Facebook page. Check them out!

Update on Hurricane Victims


Our main church at La Petite Anse has collected an offering for the victims in the south of Haiti. Some of our members are from the city of Aux Cayes and have family members who have lost their homes. At this point, they are relying on the goodness of their neighbors who still have cover. The rain continues to fall in Haiti and there is still much devastation. One of the men in our church is trying to find out news concerning his mother to see if she’s alright. We ask you to please continue your prayers for the Haitian people. Here’s a worthy organization through which you can give to help. Click here: We have known Joel and Yvonne Trimble for many years and they have been serving as missionaries in Haiti for over 40 years.



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