Haiti’s Nightmare, Haiti’s Hope


                     Haitians worshipping God in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Haiti’s Nightmare

It’s been nothing short of a nightmare this past week for many families who reside in the south of Haiti. How can I begin to describe the devastation and loss of life which have now caused a food crisis and new cholera outbreak? Matthew’s wrath left several cities totally inundated with water and others utterly devastated. While people are burying their dead, they wonder how they, themselves, will survive this catastrophe of “Job-like” proportions.

Valiant humanitarian efforts are being made by many and we applaud them all. What would we do without the organizations and individuals who send their dollars to help the downtrodden? However, looking at the long-term ramifications of lives that were dependent on the little sustenance they had, the Haitian people will be walking into an uncertain future.

Prit, John, and I keep low to the ground here. Knowing that it was THEM and not US (here on the north coast) that was hit, causes us to bow our heads and simply thank the Lord for his preservation. Cap-Haitien is the only major city that was unaffected by the 2010 earthquake and again it appears that we have remain unscathed.

It seems like we’ve been dodging bullets lately. We spent several weeks in North Carolina this summer. It was just after we left our beloved home state that Matthew turned its fury on several areas there which resulted in wide-spread flooding and loss of life.

After a 3-day delay leaving Portland due to the hurricane, (where we were attending the yearly MFI Conference), we were finally rerouted through Los Angeles and then on to Miami. We arrived in Cap-Haitien yesterday.

Haiti’s Hope

In the middle of all the mayhem, there is an incredible story that we MUST share with you. Please click on the link below. You don’t want to miss this! The city of Jérémie was one of the  hardest hit areas in the country. Yet, this article reveals the faith and resilience of the citizens that remain in the City of the Poets.  In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, there were Haitians singing in the streets. We have a similar story here. Haiti’s hope is the Gospel working through his church in spite of overwhelming odds. The light has not gone out. Au contraire, the light is getting brighter in Haiti.

Click here for the full story.

2 thoughts on “Haiti’s Nightmare, Haiti’s Hope

  1. Dana,

    Thanks for this message of hope. Glad you are back in Haiti safe and sound. Our electricity was restored today (after 3 days without), an inconvenience, but then I think of Haiti and say a prayer for all the people.



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