Rerouted – in more ways than one

unnamedPrit and I have been attending a ministerial conference all week long here in Portland. We were due to fly out tonight to Miami. However, after lashing out against Haiti and leaving at least 108 people dead, Matthew’s fury is now aimed at the coast of Florida.

Prit and I were due to make an all-night flight to Miami, then change planes to arrive in Cap-Haitian tomorrow afternoon. So much for our best-laid plans! Our flights have been rescheduled for Saturday morning instead. We are being rerouted from here to Los Angeles and will fly on to Miami, putting us there around 7:00 p.m. Saturday evening. Hopefully, we can then fly into Cap on Sunday. Of course, after 33 years on the mission field, we know all too well that our plans could easily change again if airports are not up and running either stateside or in Haiti. We need your prayers!

I also learned this morning that my brother-in-law passed away suddenly from pancreatic cancer. He had just received his test results this past week, but we didn’t think the end would come so suddenly. I have spent the morning talking with my oldest sister, Sarah, and other family members. Please remember the Blue family in your prayers. This is where missions gets tough. Everything in me wants to return to North Carolina to console my sister, yet we have guest ministry due to fly in next week. Their tickets have been bought and they have prepared to do a marriage seminar for our people.

We remember, with much affection, Roger Blue, who has now been rerouted to Heaven’s gates. We will surely miss you, Roger, and feel a deep sadness in our hearts. We remember those in Haiti  as well – who are also now laying their loved ones to rest.


7 thoughts on “Rerouted – in more ways than one

  1. Hi safe travels. I am schedule to fly out MIA on Saturday afternoon to Panama City then to Havana.

    Maybe we’ll meet face to face in Miami.

    Sovereign GOD’S Ambassador, Carla Aglow

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