A Quick Update on Hurricane Matthew


This is a pic sent by one of the translators that helped in our medical clinic last July who now resides in the south of Haiti

I am writing from a hotel in Portland where we are attending an MFI Conference. We plan to take an all-night flight back to Haiti on Friday (Portland – Charlotte – Miami – Cap-Haitian.) Doing all this in one voyage exhausts me to even think about it!

We thank all of you who have written, expressed your concerns, and prayed for Haiti and for our safety. Our son, John, is already back in Haiti and reports that all is well in Cap-Haitian. Other than needed rainfall, we have found grace, once again, in the eyes of the Lord. In 2010, Cap was one of the few major cities that was spared from the devastation of the earthquake which took thousands of lives in the south of Haiti. We thank the Lord for his watchful eye over us.

The areas of Port-au-Prince and those surrounding it were not as fortunate, however. Some died and many were swept away by floodwaters. Others have had to wade through dirty water most likely brought up from the sewers and have opened themselves up to all sort of maladies. Haiti’s lack of infrastructure basically makes its citizens “sitting ducks.” It’s all very sad.

However, the Lord has raised up ministries that are here just for that. Rehoboth is one of them. We do know other MFI Pastors located in the south who could definitely use your help during this time. The main bridge that connects them with the road that leads to the capital has been washed away. If you would like to send funds to our account, we can surely see that they will get them. Just please remember to earmark your gift, Haiti/Hurricane.

You can watch the link below to get an idea of Matthew’s effect on Haiti. Being the poorest country in our hemisphere, there is ALWAYS a good time to give regardless of a menacing hurricane or any other natural disaster. There will still be those who are sick, malnourished, in need of an education, and the list goes on and on. Would you consider becoming a partner who regularly gives into Rehoboth Ministries? We can tell you how!


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