Free Book Offer – Soul Bare!

M514t1jqes4lany, many moons ago we were teachers of an English-speaking  Christian day school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The school was comprised of English-speaking missionary kids as well as Haitian children who were proficient in English. This was during the mid 1980’s under the regime of the late Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier and his infamous Tonton Macoutes.

I (Dana) was the administrator of the elementary section  of this school and had the  most delightful student. She was a hard worker and loved learning. Her freckled face and snaggle-toothed smile melted my heart. Lindsey was the model student – the type every teacher loves to have and an absolute delight to teach. Her parents are good friends of ours to this day and are still laboring in Haiti as missionaries after over 40 years on the mission field. You can read their story here.

Little Lindsey is all grown up now. She has contributed a chapter to the book soul bare and we couldn’t be more proud of her. We are excited to be able to offer a copy of this book to you. Read about her heart-touching testimony and draw strength from her deep faith in the Lord as well as from the other contributors who bare their souls so that others can find healing.

Rehoboth Ministries is offering a FREE book to the first person who can write on our Rehoboth web page what you like most about our website. Please post on the main page so that everyone else can read your comment. Also, check out Lindsey’s blog site here. As the mother of three children who grappled through many hardships while growing up in  troubled Haiti, I greatly appreciate Lindsey’s honesty and willingness to share her own struggles with us.

School’s In and Other News!

Now’s the time!


A student at our school in Petite-Anse

Our three elementary schools are back in full swing and our feeding program will start up next week. If you ever wanted to get involved,  now’s the time! While major donors, Orphans Promise  and Lifeline Ministry graciously work together to provide protein-packed food to our students, Rehoboth Ministries also bears the expense of paying cooks’ salaries, purchasing huge gas tanks, cooking pots and utensils, oil, spices, vegetables for the provided food, cleaning products – well, you get the idea! We already have close to 1,000 students in all three schools and are expecting more in October.

Go to the headers at the top of the page which is on the site and click on How You Can Help. All the information is provided there as to how you can send support to help us in this great endeavor. Or, if your church is already partnering with Rehoboth, you can give through them, but earmark your check Haiti/Feeding Program. Even better: Don’t like all the fuss? On you can use the DONATE button to give online. Your gift goes directly to site where you can click on GIVE and scroll down to find our pictures.

10922799_813352305369027_4605804279140454520_nLadies’ Prayer Meeting – Northwood Temple Church

I (Dana) had a wonderful time sharing with the ladies’ prayer group at Northwood Temple Church in Fayetteville, NC. We had a powerful time in the Lord and I was so privileged to be able to share the Word and pray with them as they have prayed for Prit and me so many times. Prit’s mom was a key member of this group before she went home to be with the Lord. Thank you Betty Price and all the other wonderful ladies that we are so privileged to know.


Leaving Soon!

Prit and I have one more week left in North Carolina. Next Friday, we fly to Portland, Oregon, for our annual MFI Conference. After the conference, we will fly all day back to Miami and then on into Haiti. Normally, we are back in Haiti by now, but wanted to be good stewards of our funds and save on airfare. Therefore, we elected to return after the conference. We covet your prayers for every detail of our trip. We are so animated-aeroplane-image-0030thankful for all the friends and supporters that we have had the opportunity to see. We are also thankful for my sister’s generosity in providing her home in Jacksonville, NC, where we have stayed when we were not on the road traveling. Thank you, Mary Ann!

We have a never-ending list that needs to be checked off before we leave. Pray that we can operate from a place of calm instead of from a place of busyness. We appreciate your prayers and partnership so much!


For those of you who prayed…


                         La famille Béliard

Recently, I placed an alert on my Facebook page asking my Facebook friends to please pray for Jean-Philippe Béliard. Jean-Philippe practically grew up on the church bench in our main church in Petite-Anse. He went on to complete our 4-year Bible college and was the valedictorian of his class. Today, he is one of the professors in that same Bible institute.

Lately, Jean-Philippe has had a tremendous battle with his health. On top of being a husband and father of two boys, he is attending a university located far from Cap-Haitian which requires a long bus ride every morning and afternoon. He also teaches a class in our Bible institute during the week and is very involved in many church activities. His wife, Natalie, serves as our Bible school secretary and they have two beautiful boys.

Jean-Philippe became very ill last week. Natalie messaged me and said he appeared to have lost consciousness and his body was turning cold. I immediately contacted Pastor Délinx who lives in the same neighborhood. He called him and he had regained consciousness, but has been very ill since then.

Today our son, John, took Jean-Philippe to see our personal doctor in Cap-Haitian. The results were alarming and we’re so glad that he was consulted by Dr. Bell. The result of his bloodwork revealed that he had 1) typhoid, 2) a worm, 3) hypoglycemia, and 4) low blood pressure. The latter two explained his insomnia. Such is the plight of many Haitians who live in this tropical country.

We thank all of you who give. You probably saved a life this week. We ask for your  continued prayers for Jean-Philippe and for the countless others who struggle through life without so many of the blessings that we enjoy.

We’re Famous, Ya’ll!

Haiti Featured in the News

10014-6840-bugs_bunnyI received a phone call a few days ago from a journalist who works for the Sampson Independent newspaper in Clinton, NC. He wanted to interview me concerning our life and work in Haiti since I was born in Clinton and grew up outside the small town. I didn’t realize that it was posted today until I saw a friend had put the link on her Facebook page. No, we’re not famous, but you might enjoy reading the interview and sharing it with others. Thanks, Chase Jordan, for writing this article.


Impact Church


Pastor Nelson & Vicky Hopkins

We had a great time at Impact Church in Morehead City on Sunday. Thanks Pastor Nelson and Vicky Hopkins for having us. We always enjoy your fellowship and the opportunity to share about what’s going on in Haiti. Thanks for also being partners with Rehoboth Ministries. Check out their link here and be sure to read their blog. Nelson and Vicky have been through many trials of their own and are seasoned prayer warriors. If you live around Morehead   City  or are just passing through, you need to stop by and visit their church. You’ll feel right at home!

School’s Back In Session


Teachers’ Training at the Petite-Anse Compound

Imagine coming to school and sitting on roughly hewn benches in intense heat where there are no ceiling fans, let alone air conditioning. Such are the conditions that our children meet together in five days a week. But, that’s ok. They know they’ll get a hot meal before they return home and it’ll be all worth it. Our schools are back up and running which means LOTS of kids and controlled madness. You’d have to see it to believe it.

 Our teachers have already gotten a head start on the year by meeting together for a special day of training and formation. Even though they train in the rudest surroundings, our teachers are very dedicated to their work and to the children that come to our schools. Hats off to Pastor Délinx Joseph and to all our other leaders who labor tirelessly to mold young lives to impact the future of Haiti. This is the motto of Rehoboth Ministries: Changing Lives – Impacting a Nation.

Get  Involved

unknownGive a gift today. Just click here to find out how. Giving already? Maybe you have a friend who wants to get involved. Tell them how they can make a difference in the lives of others. Are you part of a group? We’d be happy to come and share with them about the great things God is doing in Haiti.




Missions: Not For The Faint-Hearted

If you ever thought that serving as a missionary in a foreign land was something glamorous, please allow me to put those thoughts to rest for you. In just the last week and a half, several incidents have taken place in Haiti and we are seriously asking for your heartfelt prayers. Haiti is like the wild, wild west right now and it would only be fair to give you a backdrop of what is going on in this nation so you can better appreciate what Rehoboth Ministries is doing there.


Interim President – Jocelerme Privert

Due to failed elections last year and a vacuum of leadership, there is a tremendous power struggle going on to see who will be at the helm when planned elections take place on 9 October. The US has said it would not be involved in this round after spending $33 million on the last one. The air is charged with tension due to the present political climate. People are already hungry and exasperated over Haiti’s inability to govern. To say that the general population is “on edge” is an understatement.

Our son, John, has returned to Haiti already. He is now the Academic Dean of our Bible institute and had to be back for the orientation of our new promotion of students. John is also teaching middle-schoolers and high school students this year in an English-speaking school outside of Cap-Haitian. Lately, he has seen the enemy up close. Returning from town the other day in our Isuzu Trooper, he was stopped by some men in our neighborhood who were working on the road. They wanted money for making repairs. When John said he didn’t have any to give them, one of the men slung his shovel in the direction of our windshield as if he was going to break it, then put it back down. After that, they let him pass.

Last week, John was called over to the Bible institute by some of the other professors. It seems that one of our new students was out of control. When John tried to calm him down to ask him questions, he became very menacing and began to threaten and insult John. Finally, John had to leave for another meeting and the professors stayed with the student to get him to calm down. Their attempts were futile and the young man proceeded to strip himself naked. They finally called the man’s pastor to come and get him and he was barred from the Bible school.  Whether mentally ill or demon-possessed, he would have been a liability to everyone else involved in the school. They are looking into trying to get help for the young man.

Last night, the secretary of our Bible institute messaged me on Facebook. She asked me to pray for her husband (who is a professor in our institute.) I asked her what was wrong and she said that he had fainted and his body was cold. Frantically, she tried to wake him up. “Man Past, he’s been working way too hard and is very sick,” she said. I immediately called Pastor Delinx in Petite-Anse and asked if he could check on Jean-Philippe (her husband.) I also posted a message on my Facebook page asking all our friends to pray for him. Fortunately, Pastor Delinx was able to reach him and he had regained consciousness and promised he would go to the hospital to get checked out.


Australian nun, Isabel Macas is gunned down in Port-au-Prince

Sadly, a tragedy occurred around a week ago on the other end of the island in the nation’s capital. A nun was driving through Port-au-Prince and was gunned down in her jeep. She was taking the payroll to her mission in order to pay its workers. The gunmen shot her in the chest and made off with the money. This woman from Australia had been working with Haiti’s poor for several years. You can read the rest of the story here

World Missions is not for the faint-hearted. After 33 years in Haiti, we are still marveling over God’s goodness to us. At the same time, we lean heavily on the prayers of our partners. Please remember to pray for John and all our Haitian leaders that are laboring together to make a difference in people’s lives. Pray for the upcoming elections and our soon return to Haiti (7 October). Rehoboth Ministries is Changing Lives – Impacting a Nation.

Facts Are Stubborn Things – John Adams

”Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” –  John Adams

This famous statement was made by the lawyer John Adams in defense of the British Soldiers on trial for the Boston Massacre. He would go on to be one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the second President of the United States.

Here are five facts concerning Haiti you may find interesting:

1. Two and one half million Haitians fall into the 55% living below the poverty line.

2. Shocks induced by climate change – drought, then flooding and landslides, lack of water for drink and irrigation – threaten over 500,000 Haitians every year.

3. Ninety percent of farmers depend upon rain to grow their crops as only ten percent of their crops are irrigated.

4. Although agriculture is an important sector of Haiti’s economy, the country fails to produce enough food, and imports more than 50 percent for its population’s needs.

5. Haiti imports 80 percent of its main staple – rice.
One-hundred thousand children under five years of age suffer from acute malnutrition.

-Needless to say, we have our work cut out for us. Help us change the facts and make a better tomorrow for our Haitian friends!



You can read more about hunger in Haiti here


Hey Amazon Shoppers!

Amazon Shoppers

unknownDo you shop with amazon? Would you like to help out your favorite 501c3 nonprofit organization while you shop? If so, you can go to and Amazon will give a small percentage to their work. Rehoboth Ministries, Inc. is on their list and we’d love your help. A little help goes a long way!

Do you like the idea of feeding a child or sending a Bible Institute student to school? Perhaps, you can help a family with medical needs or help build buildings. The lists are endless and your gift will go straight into the ministry. Christmas is not too far off. Can you think of a better way to shop for yourself and at the same time give to others?

*Please note that there are several ministries with our name at Amazon, but we are the only one listed from Fayetteville, NC. Thanks for your help!

Did you know?

This year, Americans are planning to spend an average of 830 dollars on Christmas gifts, which represents a jump of 110 dollars over the average of 720 dollars last year.

You can read the article here.



Laney’s Update, School’s Starting – Que l’année scolaire commence !

Laney’s Update


                      My sweet brother, Laney

Great news! My brother, Laney, had surgery for an aortic aneurysm that went very well. A stent has been placed in his aorta thereby averting the danger of a ruptured aneurysm. When my older sister and I arrived at the hospital in Greenville, he had already had the surgery and was back in his room. Fortunately, it  took place with no complications. Laney has already left the hospital and returned home. Oh, the marvels of prayer coupled with modern medicine! Thank you so much, everyone, for your prayers.

School’s Starting!


                    Students in Sainte-Philomène

September is a big month for us. The Bible institute is already back into full swing and our elementary schools will be starting back up next week. Hundreds of excited kids with freshly pressed blue and white uniforms  will be eagerly flowing into our schools again to resume their studies for another year. Their minds will also be on the hot meal they’ll be receiving five days a week. Would you pray for all our staff members as they gear up for the buzz of activity which is to come? The fresh young faces they’ll see in just a few days will command all the energy they can muster.

We want to thank all of you who are sowing regularly into our feeding fund and invite others to help us bear the expenses in Haiti that come with providing nourishment for so many children (over 1,000). Check out my previous post, , to see how you can make a child’s day better. Lastly, we couldn’t even have a feeding program if it was not for some very generous donors who give into Orphans Promise and enable them and Lifeline Ministry to do the legwork in getting high-protein, pre-packaged food shipped to Haiti.

Did you know? 

“In 2012, the most recent year for which estimates are available, Americans threw out roughly 35 million tons of food, according to the Environmental ProtectionAgency.”

What a sobering thought! Click on the link below to read.